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Why not both? Maybe some people’s toes will get stepped on, but it is the best option.

The Unconventional Conservative

“The GOP/RNC has shown me that they don’t want me, and I have decided that I don’t want them either. I go to the Libertarian ticket.”

April Braun, Kansas

Is it time to leave the Republican party?

There have been many posts on Facebook about how disgruntled Ron Paul supporters are ready to leave the GOP and vote third-party. Many are looking at voting for the Libertarian ticket this year. Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, is on the ballot in almost all of the states on the Lib ticket.

There are also those who are not ready to jump ship on the Liberty movement within the GOP. Some supporters feel that a third-party vote will be a wasted vote, and would rather write in Dr. Paul as a way of sending a message to the GOP that they do not accept Mitt Romney

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