We should all vote our conscience on election day. In the mean time we should be giving people good reasons to change their minds. Gary Johnson needs as many Paul supporters as he can get. There is some resistance in the Paul grassroots. We should make it worth their while to not write in Paul.

Konfusing Kancer

Only a few states may count and report a Write-in Vote for Ron Paul.

8 States do not allow any write-in votes.
8 States have sore loser laws that prevent someone who ran in the primary from being a write in candidate.
24 States require a write-in candidate to sign and notarize paperwork to be a write-in candidate and it is unlikely that Ron Paul will do this.
10 States may allow a write-candidate but the votes will not necessarily be counted or reported.

There is a Liberty Candidate with policies that closely align with Ron Paul’s that will be on the ballot in all 50 States. Gary Johnson is a two term Governor (term limits) from New Mexico that has always supported Liberty. He vetoed more bills as Governor than all other Governor’s combined and turned New Mexico from being heavily in debt to having a budget surplus all…

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