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Salvatore Fanara’s Take on PaulJohnson/JohnsonPaul. From Evan Alaska’s Facebook Event Page.

Wise counsel.

Salvatore Fanara

I apologize in advance for the length of this post but yesterday’s call in particular the issue raised by a fellow liberty lover outraged by our request sparked a free-fall writing that (believe or not) I reduced substantially to what you read here below (forgive possible grammar mishaps pls :)):

I wanted to just say a couple words about the statement that a frustrated caller supporting Gary Johnson and Jim Gray made during the call-in…

The caller voice his dissent about what’s being suggested and I do understand they did so with good reasons as they strongly support their candidates. Would anyone be happy about a case in which the roles were reversed? Not really, right? For anyone who answered they would’t mind, you’re either not human or you’re lying to yourself… so I do hope you fall in the first category which although will reveal to us that you are an alien, it will carry the benefit to reveal you are no liar ;D

Anyone supporting Gary Jonson and Judge Jim Gray may not cringe (It’s Ron Paul not Mitt Romney or Obama we’re talking about!), but still won’t like the possibility of them being open to letting Ron Paul step in, which would mean both Johnson and Gray would step aside and re-enter in different roles (no doubts they will!). I believe that the libertarians have every right to be upset and I share their frustration… I know that they would also be very upset if what we are suggesting will take place with the blessing of Johnson and Gray, no doubt on that either.

Then again I believe libertarians are smart and do cherish liberty even when it brings about hard choices, at times very thought to cope with, but such is liberty. Is the most beautiful thing humans have, yet again it isn’t the easiest to accomplish and maintain… it may sound like an simple thing, but the moment we start to look closely liberty is constantly kept under attack and stripped from us in multiple ways ranging from outrageously evident to cunningly subtly and concealed.
I don’t think that to be the case with the Paul supporters asking Dr. Paul to ask the candidates running in the libertarian ticket if they would have him run instead… libertarians should not think that’s something that Paul supporters are looking to impose on them. It’s about having a strategy to gain momentum by coming together using the strongest candidate available that has the very same ticket and a huge amount of followers so that united we can get a fighting chance and add momentum to the party as a whole… why waste the huge critical mass that Ron Paul as built in the past 8 years especially when Johnson would be the first to say Ron Paul awakened him and changed his life!

I believe that those who support Johnson/Gray ticket, do support the ideals which they stand for and for which they have pledged to be truthful and honest representative of the voice of the people who gave them trust and support.

That said Johnson has made it very clear why he’s running and that he support Ron Paul completely. As himself states in the 1st video featured on his campaign site that you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xrU6hTWyj6s

For that and more videos: http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/

Now I also support Johnson as the alternative to Dr. Paul should he not be an option in November, so libertarians should feel no sport-match rivalry here. I believe that Johnson if elected president may be able to pull off some achievements, but he would be smart to bring on board Dr. Paul as his personal consultant since he’s been involved in Washington for a bit longer and would definitely be an asset. Johnson himself as the businessman he is would understand how key to bring Ron Paul experience and guidance would be in succeeding while in office.

This is not something personal about Paul, Johnson, Gray… it’s not about Libertarian party vs. Republicans or anything along those lines. It’s way bigger than that and Gary himself sounds like he’s fully aware of it.

So while I understand the libertarians’ passionate reaction to what we are proposing, then we all owe it to ourselves to take a deep breath and step back trying to remove personal involvement and take stock of the situation at hand and why it may also make sense (though not easy to swallow) also for the libertarian party.
I will never blame libertarians for reacting they way they are doing with outrage and yelling at us Ron Paul supporters and I would expect no different reaction from people who love liberty… at least not initially! Then though when the upsetting when the blood will have returned to a normal temperature, I would think they would see things in a different light and rather than seeing it all as an outrageous attack and lack of consistency with the message of liberty, I do hope they would see this as joining forces amongst likeminded people who feel the same about today’s political reality and are equally concerned about the future of this country.

To the caller who stated that what is being suggested is the same or worse than what the RNC did, like I stated earlier, I am not blaming you for your reaction… you’ve been far more contained than I may ever have the ability to be and I absolutely hear your point. That said, once calm will have returned in your heart and soul, I hope your thoughts will also be less obstructed by anger.

If I put myself in a libertarian’s shoes… yep! I’d be pissed as hell for the first day or so. You can bet your family jewels I would! I am human after all!
But then I’d start a cool-down period when I’d start thinking and eventually I’d arrive to a conclusion. Either I fully support Gary Johnson and Jim Gray and I’ll trust his judgement and choices, or I won’t.
And that will be completely independent from the what a group of Ron Paul supporters are saying on the web and social media. As a matter of fact, if I was a libertarian and Ron Paul and his supporters didn’t even exist, I’d have the same situation at hand: either I trust and support my candidates and trust they will act in the interest of representing myself and the ideals I believe in… or I don’t trust them at all. I hope that’s a clear enough concept because that’s actually the same thing I will have to do in dealing with whatever Dr. Paul will decide in as his next steps, or lack thereof.

So whether libertarian or Ron Paul supporter, I will have to stand behind all the decisions my candidate will make. I won’t praise him if I agree and denigrate him if I disagree. Anyone should be able to agree that that’s a fact.

Now…with that in mind, in the event that Gary Johnson and Jim Gray would decide to let Dr. Paul in as the new presidential candidate asking all libertarians to support them in this hard decision, would you stand strong with them and continue to be proud of your candidates showing to be so selfless as they believe Dr. Paul will bring outstanding value to the cause of liberty? Will you consider that the merging of intents and efforts, the joining forces and momentum to support each others in the common pursuit of restoring liberties and the Constitution shall be beneficial to getting a step closer to getting the chance to transform our ideals from dreams to a possibility they would become a reality?

I don’t believe Johnson and Gray would take such decisions lightly. Sure won’t be out of whim, for personal interest, to disrespect the members of the party who supported them or because they all at sudden became insane… I think it’s relatively safe to assume that.

So I now ask you my fellow liberty loving citizens who are the sole reason for which I am still proud to have become one myself… would you still believe that your candidate is acting in your interest and that of the entire movement you hold dear? In case the answer won’t be a positive one, then perhaps it may be time to think hard why you are a libertarian and what you’re truly ready to sacrifice for the cause of liberty.

To me this goes so far beyond the people involved and the party lines, that I am sure in hindsight we’ll would all end up agreeing we shouldn’t have even debated about it, but put up a massive and strong call, unifying all our voices in choir calling for this to try and make it happen adding the finality to end bipartisan system and add libertarian and independent voices to turn all the promises and projects into reality. Perhaps starting with banning money from Washington completely give an overhaul to campaigning for election to remove the influence of corporatism, the control and distortion and boycott of the media and the and the control and corruption of the election system that our free and open system should be! But I digress…

Perhaps unifying our voices together will also help create a much needed critical mass as more and more from the younger generations will be interested enough to return to believe in politics, rather than dismiss it as the thievery corporation that continues to put them off… all at the advantage of said thievery corporation who is left to pillage and oppress with complete disregard for the people as the less interested they are the better it is for their shady business conducted in the name of the people but not for their benefit!

And maybe more youth will decide to become active citizens, and the message of liberty will continue to soar and reach more hearts and minds… be it that of former republicans, former democrats, of those who have had no interest in politics, or of those who’ve given up hope, especially after they’ve been duped by Slick Barry and the establishment’s cronies.

The thriving of the message of liberty that has been continually nurtured and put forth by Dr. Paul, despite the repeated refusals, boycotts, nay-saying, bashing, derision, slandering, false accusations and so on from ALL sides, is something that is awakening more hearts and minds than ever before.

Would you want to lose the opportunity to awaken more? Those who consider Paul and Johnson supporters some pot-smoking, gun-loving, delusional individual will be the next to wake up and join… I’ve seen that happen and believe me it’s possible! People are not stupid… freedom is popular and never like before people are more open and receptive to at least acknowledge the truth… and eventually they will research further on their own becoming more informed and believing each day more in liberty until they’ll finally see the real truth we all came to know at which point they’ll start to activate themselves to spread the message even further.
It happened to me and it happened to others close to me. So I know what that means, I know it’s possible! I know it can be done!

I was awaken by Dr. Paul like Gary and I happen to side with Gary on more points that I realized… as a matter of fact in this well done test here:
http://www.isidewith.com/presidential-election-quiz I matched Johnson at 73% (upon re-taking results were 95% as I stuck without adding my own opinions and used only provided ones). I sided with Dr. Paul at 62% when was still available, which could be because like Johnson some of my views may be different on some key issues like immigration, abortion, healthcare and be more libertarian than Republican

Increasing the liberty party weight would also be key because with Dr. Paul gone from the political realm today’s Republican and Democratic parties aren’t worth anything at all. Bringing the libertarian view into the political arena would help the US mitigate the totalitarianism of the stale and corrupt bipartisan system that has no longer been working for the people and for longer than any of us should wish such systems to remain in place.



As a two-term Republican Governor, Gary Johnson endorsed Libertarian Ron Paul in 2008 and was the only candidate to answer the question about a running-mate …
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    Mike Cann Call Ron Paul, ask him to endorse and join the Johnson campaign today! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCqzIqSbscE&feature=share&list=PLCB8544F39F06830B

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    Ann Atwood Fraley

    It seems to me that other than the differences on specific issues, you appear to be trying to get away from the vote being about reverence for a particular person. I understand that, but you ought to realize that unifying liberty activists…See More

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    Heidi Livengood This teleconference alone proves that it is not impossible to unify us. This can be done. Keep the emails and phone calls coming!

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    A.j. Arias Only Ron Paul.

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    Poetic Tragedy

    Think about it, if Ron runs on Libertarian 3rd Party, all the insiders whether Left(Libertarians), Middle(Independents) or Right(Evangelic’s, Fundamentals) of the entire Republican Party will vote for the Paul ticket. Don’t you understand                                                                        what this video did. It was released on all the major Facebook sites involved last Monday during hurricane Issac. Don’t pay attention to how many alleged plays it received, take my word all insiders saw it, which was the only video released on all those pages the day before the RNC. All those independent republican insiders and delegates in the middle were instantly convinced that Psyops(Alex Jones)(Adam Kokesh)(Luke Rudkowski)(Mark Dice)etc. some from the Putin Regime have been causing psychological manipulation not to vote for Ron Paul. You see Alex Jones like’s to convince people not to vote for Ron Paul, but with the evidence that he is a Psyop and works for Putin along with these other cronies have convinced the insiders of the Republican Party who were not going to vote for Paul, now to do so in third-party vote. Also I won over the Right wingers with my eschatology. So it’s like a chain reaction. Alex Jones may not be world renown, but he pride’s himself on tricking intelligent people. You see he who can psychologically manipulate the intelligent one’s can manipulate everyone else in a ‘garbage in, garbage out—>Chain Reaction’ following from the most intelligent to the least, until you have a bunch of Sheeple calling Ron Paul Racist. And being that I just exposed all the Psychological Operations whether they work for Putin the Chinese or maybe even Obama Himself, once the man behind the curtain in allegory to the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ is revealed, Dorothy can ‘clearly see’ through the lies of a clever old man behind the curtain. We can still win this election, if Ron run’s third party there are MANY MORE PEOPLE who would vote for him as opposed to the Sheeple who MIGHT vote for Obamney. And now we have our own chain reaction from the insiders of the GOP.http://youtu.be/RrRHmKNENhM

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    Nemo Outis Posting this to my new website PaulJohnson2012 http://bit.ly/PJrSkQ

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Clyde Coulter’s Audacious But Gracious Letter to the Libertarian Party. From Evan Alaska’s Facebook Event Page

Clyde urges the LP to pick up Ron Paul on the top of their presidential ticket. This would be preferable to me as well. But it could also potentially cause more harm than good. Which is why I agree with the sentiment of the letter, only that it might be more feasible to apply it to putting Ron Paul on the bottom of the ticket.

Clyde Coulter

Dear Libertarian Party Memebers,

There has been a lot of noise about Ron Paul lately. And the most recent has been about Ron becoming the VP or Presidential candidate for the LP. We, Ron Paul supporters, believe in the man, and many, if not most, of you do too.

We have no right, as you already know, to barge in and take over your party. We just don’t. All of you have taken your time and resources to bring your party to the point it is at. You have voted, you have given your voice for the available candidates. It is done.

I can’t speak for all of the Ron Paul supporters, but I believe that I do speak in a manner that is acceptable to many of them in this plea.

Most of you have been following what has happened to Paul supportes at county conventions, state conventions and the RNC. The county and state conventions showed us how petty and ruthless individuals can be to hold on to their entrenched positions. But what occured at the RNC was atrocious malfeasance. It was, in your face, “we can do whatever we please”. Rules were created on the fly to prevent the honest work of countless numbers of persons from succeeding.

Our country is at stake. You know this as well as I, and some of you, perhaps more so. I can see no recourse for us, as individuals, but to gather our persons together as a unit to prevent what we all know in our hearts to be heading our way, whether it is Obama or Romney at the head of our country. Obama’s record is known, and if re-elected has nothing, but historical illusions, to lose. Romney has a controverial past as governor, but a more menacing present, when taking into account what he performed with the RNC. If that is any indication as to what his performance would be as president, I don’t want any of it.

I’m asking you to consider, for all of our sakes, the possibility of Ron Paul running on the Libertarian ticket for President. I’m asking for your permission, your vote at this late date, if it is possible. And I’m asking even more, for all of you to request that this be done to convince Ron Paul to run.

If we look at it logically, Ron Paul polls well, he could probably poll well enough to get into the debates with Obama and Romney. This would also mean the Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate would be in the Vice Presidential debates. Yes, if the RNC is any indication, they may try to change the rules for that also. But we know, and so does Gary, that he does not poll well enough to get into the debates. We need to get into the debates.

With three candidates running, we only need to split the vote and get 34% to win if Obama and Romney are tied for the rest. It can be done. I believe there is also a way that Ron can get matching funds which would help greatly. We may not get into every state, but what states we do get ballot on we, together, can win.

A supporter of Liberty,
Clyde F. Coulter, Jr.

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Rob Hansen Very well written Clyde.

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Nemo Outis Posting this to my new PaulJohnson website.http://bit.ly/PJrSkQ

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I Watched The Tonight Show And Here Are My Findings

So I sat through 40 minutes of Jay Leno’s the Tonight Show on NBC waiting for Ron Paul to come on. It wasn’t that bad. I actually like Leno the best of all the late night comedians. The show started at 10:41 PM Mountain Time. Thats an hour and seven minutes later than it originally aired. Ron Paul was mentioned three to five times before being introduced by Leno and walking on stage to the tune of a rendition of Amy Allen’s Ron Paul theme song, originally from the 2008 election cycle.

He came in waving at the studio audience (and the television one) and sat down between Kevin Hart (who had the first interview, and who moved over for Doctor Paul) and Jay Leno. There was applause. I don’t know if there were many Paul fans there (there was at least one who would break out with chants of “President Paul, President Paul” from time to time) or if the audience is just supposed to cheer, but it was a warm enough reception.

Down to business. All kidding aside, Leno asked Paul a good dozen or so serious questions, each of which Paul was ready to answer, albeit in his gentile, sometimes broken-sentenced, Texas Congressman/Doctor/Grandfather way.

We were all hoping for some big announcement, though some of us may not actually have been expecting one. So when it came time for Leno to ask him about if he gave any thought to running third party, it was disappointing, but in retrospect, not all that surprising as he had said the same all throughout the campaign, when he answered, “No, not much.” He did mention something about instead taking a rest before firing things back up again in 2016, adding that he was “just kidding.”

Upon prompting, he also stated that he planned on voting but was not going prepared to say for whom. Some are taking this to mean he will not endorse anyone. They may well be right. And that may well be what Ron Paul meant. But I have another take.

Here should be the takeaway; not of what all this does mean, but what it could mean:

By saying he was not going to run third party, that could just refer to running on the top of the presidential ticket. He did not say he wouldn’t run for another office, third party.

By mentioning 2016 it could mean, while he was kidding about running himself, he plans on working towards Rand being the 2016 GOP nominee. This may or may not be contingent on who wins this time: Obama, Romney, or least-likely-but-every-dog-has-his-day Johnson. If Obama wins this time, the GOP establishment will be discredited. If it is not enough to make the Republican Party implode, it might be enough to make it revamp itself by dumping some of RINOs, particularly those heavily invested in the losing ticket, RomneyRyan. If this wouldn’t be Rand’s chance to shine, nothing would.

If Romney does win, something I think will not happen for several reasons, Rand won’t be able to run against him within the GOP without first being branded a traitor and then being absolutely ignored, probably even worse than his father was at the convention. Ron Paul media coverage during the primaries and up until a month or two prior to the Convention will look like doting by comparison. Of course, if Romney’s vision for America turns out to be worse than Obama’s, or better but just not good enough to stem the tide of the inevitable fiscal nightmare scenario, the Democrats and the ignorant amongst the independents will demonize all Republicans and especially those of a more laissez faire persuasion worse than they ever did Bush or Cheney or McCain or Palin (most of whom deserved it). Rand won’t stand a chance. Even if the Perry-Gingrich-Santorum-Bachmann-Cain crowd gets behind him, the establishment will likely have its way and nominate the least laissez faire Republican they can find, potentially RomneyRyan redux. And even if Rand does end up the nominee, the demonization of all things even mildly libertarian will be ever his companion.

And if Johnson wins (I don’t think he can without almost all of Paul’s supporter’s backing, which he may not get without making some concessions), there is no real reason for Rand to run unless he really has turned to the dark side. Not to mention that given this whole analysis of Rand’s chances is rooted in Paul’s mention of mention, and that Johnson can’t win without Paul and his supporters, which if given couldn’t do much good for Rand, the Rand versus Johnson scenario is the least likely of all possible outcomes.

By not saying who he is voting for, he could be genuinely undecided, not even fully aware of all the possibilities, in which case there is still time to petition him and Johnson to collaborate in the form of an endorsement or modified LP ticket. Or he could be stringing people along to give him time to calculate a decision, consciously considering a bold move such as one of the ones promoted on this blog. Alternatively his mind may already be made up, be it to write in himself, vote for Johnson or Virgil Goode, to not vote, or to conspire with the Johnson campaign, but he wants to keep things quiet for now.

I am probably reading too much into all of this, but it is good to know all of the possible scenarios, not just the most immediate or the most obvious.

What’s Ron Paul Planning to Announce on the Tonight Show? Prison Planet

What’s Ron Paul Planning to Announce on the Tonight Show?

Adan Salazar
Prison Planet.com
September 4, 2012

For liberty lovers and freedom fighters, the battle to get their grassroots constitutionalist candidate nationally-recognized has been arduous.

Whats Ron Paul Planning to Announce on the Tonight Show? 150808672.jpg.CROP.rectangle3 large

At every step, mainstream media attempted to censor information regarding the revolutionary Republican candidate nominee, in some cases even censoring the utterance of his name.

The candidate was even ousted from his speaking role at the Republican National Convention last week, where his delegates were thrown to the nosebleed seats of the Tampa Bay Times Forum, and where he faced, still, further persecution as the Romney campaign’s lawyer, Ben Ginsberg, presented a vote to change party rules concerning the binding of delegates, the outcome of which was laterrevealed to have been predetermined.

While the efforts made to secure the Republican nomination were tremendous, many Ron Paul supporters have had to face the reality that Paul will not be Obama’s GOP opponent in 2012.

But on the heels of defeat, a new hope has sprung forward in the form of a Tonight Show appearancewhere it is rumored that Paul is planning to make a “special announcement.”

His appearance follows a whirlwind roller-coaster ride from little-known congressman to national public figure largely responsible for motivating younger generations of activists, and older generations alike, to speak out against the real growing threat of an overreaching centralized government.

So, what does Congressman Paul plan to announce tonight? The Internet is abuzz with rumors.

Some think Paul is planning to announce a run as a third party candidate, assuming the Libertarian Party ticket currently held by Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson. Johnson himself threw his weight behind Paul earlier this year after he dropped out of the running for the Republican nomination.

Late last month, Johnson attended the grassroots-organized Paul Fest in Tampa where he asked the audience to recall his endorsement of Paul as his running mate during his own run at the GOP nomination: “If I thought Ron Paul was going to get the nomination I would have not done this and I would have let him get the nomination…I would be along with you supporting Dr. Paul right now,” Johnson told attendees at Paul Fest.

However, Libertarian Party chairman Geoffrey Neale squelched this possibility in an email he sent to members of the Libertarian National Committee Saturday. Neale stated: “First, we have no indication that Ron Paul is interested in or would be willing to pursue such a path. Without such an indication, this really remains an intellectual exercise.” Additionally, according to Neale, if by some chance Paul was able to become the Libertarian candidate, he would risk losing “ballot access in a number of states.”

Paul does have some history with the LP. In 1988, Paul ran as a Libertarian party candidate, however, the differences between him and Johnson seem too radical to make the rumored party change a real prospect. The Daily Caller explains, “Paul and Johnson do have some political differences. Johnson vocally supports access to abortion and same-sex marriage, and is comfortable with limited U.S. military intervention for humanitarian purposes overseas.”

Another theory is that Paul is planning to endorse a candidate, widely assumed to be Gary Johnson, however, the Daily Caller today reported a conversation with Jesse Benton, Paul’s national campaign chairman, in which he stated that Paul “will not endorse Gary Johnson.”

Is an unexpected, unprecedented underdog challenge in the cards for Paul? Possibly, but even if he somehow makes the ballot as Libertarian candidate, an even bigger fight manifests itself in controlling the polls and ballot boxes.

Whatever Paul’s speech entails, Leno’s ratings are sure to be high tonight as a majority of Ron Paul supporters plan to tune in. In a few hours, we should all know what the fuss is about.

Here’s Ron Paul’s 2007 interview with Jay Leno:

What do you think Paul’s announcement will pertain to? Sound off below…

Why I Am Writing In Paul And Not Voting For Johnson

 Reblogged from keimh3regpeh2umeg:

Why I Am Writing In Paul And Not Voting For Johnson.

From ChrisInMaryVille’s Blog

My friend Sherrie posted regarding not voting to send a message. I read numerous replies and felt the need to input some additional thoughts I had after reading comments exalting both Ryan and Johnson. I am sharing this to simply answer a few questions asked regarding my thoughts this past week.

Read more… 909 more words

Very well put. Be sure to read the comments. This is what we should be doing. Making our case to everyone, becoming informed, and then voting our conscience.

Should Pro-Life Conservatives and LIbertarians consider voting for Johnson? Yes, I think they should at least consider it.

Honey and Locusts

In yesterday’s post I displayed my results of a quiz that identifies the presidential candidate that best matches your answers to a set of questions. Not surprisingly, my number one match was Ron Paul. Also not surprisingly, coming in at #2 was Gary Johnson.

The quiz stated that “I side 98% with Ron Paul”. While I’m not certain I’m quite that ideologically aligned with him, my blogging history should tell you that the quiz pegged my pick pretty accurately. But then it said I sided 96% with Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president.

Though, unlike Paul, I haven’t written much of anything about Johnson on here, I should say that I do like him. I agree with him on a great many things. On the quiz, his answers and Ron Paul’s were virtually identical on the vast majority of questions, which explains why the margin of difference between…

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