Clyde Coulter’s Audacious But Gracious Letter to the Libertarian Party. From Evan Alaska’s Facebook Event Page

Clyde urges the LP to pick up Ron Paul on the top of their presidential ticket. This would be preferable to me as well. But it could also potentially cause more harm than good. Which is why I agree with the sentiment of the letter, only that it might be more feasible to apply it to putting Ron Paul on the bottom of the ticket.

Clyde Coulter

Dear Libertarian Party Memebers,

There has been a lot of noise about Ron Paul lately. And the most recent has been about Ron becoming the VP or Presidential candidate for the LP. We, Ron Paul supporters, believe in the man, and many, if not most, of you do too.

We have no right, as you already know, to barge in and take over your party. We just don’t. All of you have taken your time and resources to bring your party to the point it is at. You have voted, you have given your voice for the available candidates. It is done.

I can’t speak for all of the Ron Paul supporters, but I believe that I do speak in a manner that is acceptable to many of them in this plea.

Most of you have been following what has happened to Paul supportes at county conventions, state conventions and the RNC. The county and state conventions showed us how petty and ruthless individuals can be to hold on to their entrenched positions. But what occured at the RNC was atrocious malfeasance. It was, in your face, “we can do whatever we please”. Rules were created on the fly to prevent the honest work of countless numbers of persons from succeeding.

Our country is at stake. You know this as well as I, and some of you, perhaps more so. I can see no recourse for us, as individuals, but to gather our persons together as a unit to prevent what we all know in our hearts to be heading our way, whether it is Obama or Romney at the head of our country. Obama’s record is known, and if re-elected has nothing, but historical illusions, to lose. Romney has a controverial past as governor, but a more menacing present, when taking into account what he performed with the RNC. If that is any indication as to what his performance would be as president, I don’t want any of it.

I’m asking you to consider, for all of our sakes, the possibility of Ron Paul running on the Libertarian ticket for President. I’m asking for your permission, your vote at this late date, if it is possible. And I’m asking even more, for all of you to request that this be done to convince Ron Paul to run.

If we look at it logically, Ron Paul polls well, he could probably poll well enough to get into the debates with Obama and Romney. This would also mean the Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate would be in the Vice Presidential debates. Yes, if the RNC is any indication, they may try to change the rules for that also. But we know, and so does Gary, that he does not poll well enough to get into the debates. We need to get into the debates.

With three candidates running, we only need to split the vote and get 34% to win if Obama and Romney are tied for the rest. It can be done. I believe there is also a way that Ron can get matching funds which would help greatly. We may not get into every state, but what states we do get ballot on we, together, can win.

A supporter of Liberty,
Clyde F. Coulter, Jr.

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Rob Hansen Very well written Clyde.

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Nemo Outis Posting this to my new PaulJohnson website.

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