Salvatore Fanara on the Evan Alaska Conference Call, the R3volution, Sreading the Word, and Being a Dreamer

Here is Mr. Fanara, whose facebook post I appropriated the other day.

Thank you for your kind followup to my comment and for considering my points something worth sharing. Like many have done on the call I thank you for your time and dedication to the cause of liberty and it will continue to require our efforts spreading the same message to our fellow Americans. I too don’t know where this will lead or what a post Ron Paul ReLOVEution would look like, I am aware many will need a charismatic leader to be awakened to the same messages we’ve been awakened to, but the fact that we’ll be on our own in years to come remains and the message won’t lose validity because it is no longer being spread across the country by a charismatic figure.

The principle of advertising would certainly help. Having Dr. Paul would be a catalyst to accelerate speed and extend the reach the liberty message, without it will be more difficult to spread, but we will have to continue to do all we can to allow it to be heard by fellow American who may be completely ignorant about it as I once was.

Many of us tend to become confrontational when it comes to exchanging different political beliefs (often not limited to politics) because they strongly believe in their current convictions. Despite the strong reaction of some, I don’t detest or hate them. I’ve been there myself, I learned that is a part of human nature and is an instinct of self preservation that triggers such immediate reactions. Responding in a similar way will not yield anything of value on either sides as one can only lead a horse to water, but can’t force the horse to drink it.

I needed some time myself to realize first and get rid then of the conditioning I had been subjected to for years. It’s not easy to admit to the indoctrinating brainwashing that came from multiple sources of influence year after year, and it’s even more difficult to learn to become immune to it. I take it one day at a time and I know that it will remain a constant work in progress. So, while I may strongly disagree with someone’s views and positions, I can never blame them for their convictions. Realization of the substance and implication of specific axioms will come in time but only by keeping an open mind, making conscious efforts to shift points of view, use critical thinking and reflection and maintaining a willingness to learn, without being afraid of questioning our own choices or our most engrained beliefs adjusting them as we progress through our learning experience and come to new degrees of awareness.

For instance even the very consistent Dr. Paul himself, changed his position on death penalty (incidentally I was glad he did so I wouldn’t have to disagree on that issue), by going through the very same process each of us has gone and continues to go through as we awakened to the message of liberty.

My hope is that in time, more of my beloved countrymen will come to the same realization and will eventually demand to take control of our common future, and we’ll live with one another thriving in peace building a truly free country in complete respect of each other’s liberties.

You may say I am a dreamer… but I’m not the only one (J. Lennon) :)


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