Sites To Visit To Effect A JohnsonPaul Ticket

If you want Ron Paul to consider staying in the race, perhaps by indicating his interest to the Libertarian Party in a Vice Presidential slot or a cabinet position, here is his contact form.

Here you can contact the Gary Johnson team and let them know your thoughts. Whether they should pick up Ron Paul as their VP pick or not.

Here is Evan Cutler’s website, which is not yet fully operational. Check it out to stay in the know.

In the mean time, your best spot for new information would be the site’s facebook group.

Information about the next Evan Alaska conference call, to be held this coming Monday.

The Alaskans for Ron Paul website.

You should also sign the petition urging Ron Paul to run third party or on the Libertarian Party ticket. Be sure to get ten friends to sign it and have each of them do the same.


3 thoughts on “Sites To Visit To Effect A JohnsonPaul Ticket

  1. iamrising

    This was one of my first reactions when the Libertarian party took my, RON PAUL’S NOT ON THE BALLOT?!?! heart attack last month. “Well, why can’t he be VP or a declared cabinet member?” The response on VP was they’d have to re-submit all their ballot entries, which would be too late in the game. As for declared cabinet member, —?
    The real question I can’t get my mind around is…
    —why aren’t they working together?—

    1. pauljohnson2012 Post author

      Indeed. The cabinet spot may be the most viable. But I was not aware that it was too late to change the ballot. They go to print September 22nd, supposedly. But that could just be the absentee ones.

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