Letter I Sent Congressman Paul via Contact Form

Here is the Contact Form. If you are able, send something USPS instead/as well.

Representative Paul,

I speak not only for myself when I ask you to stay in this race. I speak for thousands of others.

Please contact the Gary Johnson campaign and the Libertarian Party and inform them that you would like to be part of their team. Either as the VP pick or as a cabinet pick.

I know you don’t want to impose on the Libertarian voters or on Jim Gray. I also know that you do not want to risk the progress you have inspired. But sir, this country needs you now. We can not wait four more years.

I also know that you are probably weary of politics, though not of getting the word out of the message of Liberty, but all we are asking is that you run for two more months. If the Libertarian ticket wins, of course, it will be longer, but won’t it be worth it?

Also, the Johnson team itself needs you. They can not get on then national stage without 15% support in at least three polls. They can not get this level of support without your help. Not only would you bring the 10% needed to up their support to 15%, but I suspect you would bring 20%, with an additional 10% as the message spreads. That is more than enough to force a tie in the electoral college if not win, especially if the Liberty movement stays positive while President Obama and Governor Romney focus on each other and on the negative.

And Governor Johnson himself needs you, not just to win, but to execute his duties as president. He is a sincere and intelligent man. But the more guidance he can get the better. No one is more qualified to advise Johnson in matters of liberty, economics, and the Constitution than you are sir. You could do this as Vice President or as a cabinet or department head.

I know you want us all to make up OUR own minds, so I hope YOU will do the same. But I urge you to weigh my arguments before you come to a final decision.

Whatever you decide, Doctor Paul, you have truly been a blessing to this country and to the world. No one has done as much to inspire average, ordinary people, young and old, of all walks of life and backgrounds, than you have. And I ask you to capitalize off of that momentum, which is more powerful than all the political and party progress you have made, combined.

I know you are a busy man, not just because you are a Congressman, but because you have a family and a life of your own, but I hope to hear back from you and know that you are at least considering these things. I No doubt there are many others who have gotten in touch with you saying these same things.


[Name Withheld]

P.S. I have been following you since the 2008 campaign, though I was not yet old enough to vote.


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