A Write-In Campaign for Ron Paul? No

A Write-In Campaign for Ron Paul? No.

June 16, 2008

A Write-In Campaign for Ron Paul? No

Here is what Ron says: “I don’t think that’s very productive. Supporters can do it, of course, but in most of the states it won’t count. And if they can change the rules in a primary and not count all the votes, imagine what they could do with write-in votes!”


5 thoughts on “A Write-In Campaign for Ron Paul? No

  1. Salvatore Fanara

    Since that was a statement released in 2008 and despite the fact that it could apply even more strictly in the complete lack of voting power due to the farce we live in today, I would not post the statement using the present time. It was very appropriate to add the date the statement, though a short elaboration of your own take on how that would apply today would have helped to better ease the statement into the current context.

    Sure Ron Paul might be of the very same or similar opinion, but making assumptions on a statement that is 4 years old and was related to the notorious fraudulent elections scandals during the Bush era, would not give Dr. Paul the ability to confirm, change, or otherwise comment on what he stated back in 2008. Although he’s a man of consistent views, all assumptions are always dangerous and impolite 🙂

    That said, personally I am not of the opinion that Dr. Paul would ever be calling for a write-in (for several reasons) directly, but the prior statement he made on Jay Leno’s show would allow anyone to deduce whatever they feel most comfortable with since Dr. Paul stated that everyone should vote their conscience. Obviously as always the above it’s just my 2¢ opinion 😉

    1. Salvatore Fanara

      Thank you again for considering it worth sharing. I wonder whether Dr. Paul would be willing to comment on that without dodge-balling with diplomacy as he’s been doing and leaving it up to each of us to deduce what we want from his not confirmed nor denied statements on this matter… even stating “well they’ll cheat anyway so what’s the use of a write-in” is elusive at best 😉

      1. pauljohnson2012 Post author

        He’s between a rock and a hard place it seems. He has to consider the inroads that have been made into the GOP, which seems to have been partly destroyed at the Convention anyways, as well as Rand’s chances in 2016 (though he wont have any if Romney wins in 2012) on the one hand and the fact that we might not have four more years and his momentum and supporters on the other hand. It will be very hard for him to not be diplomatic.


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