Gary Johnson Reddit Ask Me Anything Earlier Today

Today Gary Johnson held an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. He recieved what I would guess to be in the neighborhood of 3000 questions and 7000 total comments (including the questions). There were 17,000 up votes and 14,000 down votes. These numbers are all growing still. To put things into perspective, has almost 2,000,000 subscribers, has about 6,000 subscribers, has about 60,000 subscribers, and has about 24,000 subscribers, has about 800 subscribers, and has about 21,000 subscribers.

First I will give you Gary’s introduction, then the reddit comments relevant to a Ron Paul VP or cabinet position or a Ron Paul endorsement. Not included, for the most part, are comments asking Gary his positions on abortion, decriminalization with regulation and taxation of drugs, humanitarian interventionism, and states’ rights, which were concerns that many Ron Paul supporters (at least on reddit) had. Also not present are the many comments of Ron Paul supporters saying they definitely will vote for Gary Johnson. There will be some mention of some of these things below, but primarily the focus will be on a Gary Johnson Ron Paul alliance.

I am Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President. AMA. (self.IAmA)

submitted 4 hours ago* by GovGaryJohnson


I am Gov. Gary Johnnson, the Libertarian candidate for President of the United States, and the two-term Governor of New Mexico from 1994 – 2003.

Here is proof that this is me:

I’ve been referred to as the ‘most fiscally conservative Governor’ in the country, and vetoed so many bills that I earned the nickname “Governor Veto.” I bring a distinctly business-like mentality to governing, and believe that decisions should be made based on cost-benefit analysis rather than strict ideology.

I’m also an avid skier, adventurer, and bicyclist. I have currently reached four of the highest peaks on all seven continents, including Mt. Everest.


To learn more about me, please visit my website: You can also follow me on Twitter,FacebookGoogle+, and Tumblr.

EDIT: Unfortunately, that’s all the time I have today. I’ll try to answer more questions later if I find some time. Thank you all for your great questions; I tried to answer more than 10 (unlike another Presidential candidate). Don’t forget to vote in November – our liberty depends on it!

[–]YouthInRevolt 1739 points 2 hours ago*

In the event that you are not allowed into the presidential debates, would you please consider holding a roundtable discussion after each debate with Dennis Kucinich, Jill Stein, Ron Paul, and Russ Feingold where you all discuss Romney and Obama’s answers?

Put it on CurrentTV and/or stream it over the internet…

Edit: PM me if you want to help make a subreddit to organize people behind making this idea a reality.

I’m thinking r/thirdpartyroundtable. What do you guys think?

Edit II: The John Stossel Show (FOX), on Thursday September 13th at 9pm EST, will be featuring a discussion between Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Socialist Party candidate Stewart Alexander, and Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode.

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[–]OHhokie1 293 points 2 hours ago

Hello Governor Johnson,

I am a moderator of the subreddit devoted to your campaign, /r/garyjohnson, and the campus coordinator at Virginia Tech where we are hosting your VP, Judge Jim Gray, next Monday.

I have a few questions for you, feel free to not answer all of them if you are short on time:

  • As a former worker and district chairman for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, I am very familiar with Ron Paul fans. From my observations, it seems roughly 30-50% of Paul supporters will vote for you this fall, but many refuse to do so without an endorsement from Dr. Paul. I understand the reasoning behind not asking for Dr. Paul’s endorsement, but I still feel like it is something you should try to obtain. If you would promise Dr. Paul a cabinet position or Fed Chair when you win, I assure you most of his supporters will do the asking for you with regards to the endorsement. Is this a possibility and would you consider publicly offering Dr. Paul such a position?
  • I helped with gathering you the required signatures to be on the ballot in our state. As I’m sure you know, one of the biggest hurdles for third party candidates such as yourself is the ridiculous election laws/regulations. As President, would you support electoral form? Would you consider more radical changes such as run-off voting or a Constitutional Amendment setting a minimum number of “official” parties?
  • What are the chances that you will be able to debate on the national stage this fall? I know the LP has paid several private polling organizations to conduct polls without Mitt Romney’s name, where you polled well over 15%, as an attempt to mock the fact that you are not included in the polls. Are those also being conducted in preparation for legal challenges?
  • If you are allowed to debate, most would still consider your campaign a longshot but at least possible. In the case that you are not allowed to debate, most would consider a win in November practically impossible. In the latter case, would you consider changing your campaign strategy to concentrate your efforts as to maximize your impact? For example, if that was the case, why not concentrate on New Mexico where you enjoy popularity and name recognition? Even if you lost in a landslide on the national level, it could have huge implications for the future of the LP if we won even a single state.
  • Are you running campaign ads on TV in any states yet? What is the financial hurdle we need to pass to get your ads on national TV competing with Romney/Obama?
  • If you were allowed to debate this fall, what issues do you think you would be able to hammer Romney/Obama on?
  • Many libertarians and Paul supporters have criticized your support of humanitarian wars, private prisons, and some have claimed your knowledge of monetary policy and willingness to abolish the Fed is not sufficient. Can you clarify your positions in these areas?

Also, photos from our recent VT rally for you:,,,

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[–]OHhokie1 50 points 1 hour ago

Would it be illegal to say “If elected, Ron Paul will be at the top of my list when looking for a Fed Chairman”?

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[–]Ewarrior190 11 points 1 hour ago

He said this exact thing kast night, under the condition Ron Paul wanted one. Both he and I doubt it, as he’s retiring.

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[–]ZNaught 16 points 2 hours ago

  1. How do you plan to be allowed on the debates?
  2. As a Ron Paul supporter, the only issue I have is with you being pro-choice. What would you actually do in regards to abortion as president?
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[–]cadez01 3 points 2 hours ago

I’m a huge Ron Paul supporter and I’m 99.9% sure I will be voting for you in the elections, because I don’t feel there’s much difference at all between Romney & Obama. What needs to be done for a third-party candidate to be viable in our current two-party system? I would love nothing more than to have a 3rd option that actually had a chance in this election.

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[–]exdirrk 3 points 2 hours ago

Mr. Johnson,

First, thank you for your time and for doing this. I am a Ron Paul follower and am looking at your policies and see that they align for most of the issues that are important to me. My biggest concern is that you are not going to be in the presidential debates for the public to actually get an opinion of you. What are you doing to give yourself more visibility nationally and what can we do to help your cause?


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[–]signposthead 0 points 2 hours ago

Hello Mr. Johnson, thank you for doing an AMA, I just have 2 questions for you:

  1. Now that the Republican Primaries are completely finished, many former Ron Paul supporters are now backing you due to the similarities in your policies. When the primaries were going on, the media treatment of Paul’s run for the nomination was not unlike the current media treatment of 3rd party candidates such as yourself and Jill Stein. What do you think should be done – and what do you plan to do – about the mainstream media to give ALL candidates – regardless of party – equal coverage? It seems hard, if not impossible, to find a completely unbiased source for news, but as of now alternates to the 2 major political parties get only a sliver of the airtime, if that.
  2. We live in a country that currently follows a clear 2-party system. What do you think normal citizens should do in order to bring more attention to the alternate parties and candidates such as the Libertarian Party and yourself?

Thank you again for your time here.

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[–]MisterPresident813 1 point 2 hours ago

Governor Johnson, as someone who is studying Political Science I believe everyone should have to come across John Hospers, it is truly eye opening.

My question for you is why no select Ron Paul as a running mate and really stir things up, and if that idea was already explored why did it not come to fruition?

Thanks for doing this and Go America

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[–]feracyn 2 points 2 hours ago

Mr. Johnson,

I believe you are the man for the job. But I’ve been a Ron Paul supporter. I have been trying to decide whether to write him in or give you my vote. I am having difficulty making this decision. Can you comment?

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[–]The3rdhorsemen 0 points 2 hours ago

1.) What is your opinion of Ron Paul? 2.) What are your thoughts on how the Ron Paul delegates and supporters were treated during the GOP Convention? Thanks for doing an AMA.

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[–]rp_rEVOLution 1 point 2 hours ago

Gov. Johnson,

Not a question, but just letting you know, the Ron Paul Revolution stands by you. I am truly happy to know that your name will be on all 50 states. You are an inspiration and hopefully this will be the begining of the end of the two party system. Best of luck to you and just know you have my vote!

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[–]Wowwzaa 0 points 2 hours ago

If there was a zombie apocalypse, how would you go about keeping our country safe? But seriously now, how are you going to go about getting Ron Paul supporters on your side? I know many have already switched to your side, but how do you plan on appealing to the ones that are kind of on the fence to voting Independent? Just curious, and thanks in advance Mr. Johnson.

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[–]LordHill 1 point 2 hours ago

What kind of place would Ron Paul have in a Gary Johnson administration, and what made you decide that the best way to advocate personal liberty was in the Libertarian Party rather than the Republican Party? Also, how can you convince Ron Paul Republicans of the same thing?

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[–]metalfreak666 1 point 2 hours ago

Hi Gary Johnson! It is an honor to be talking to you and doing this! I know you maybe getting these questions already, but I just want to ask these questions!

1.) Have you considered Ron Paul in a cabinet position? Why or why not?

2.) I have been hearing that you would do humanitarian wars and might go to Uganda to fight off the LRA and find Kony. Can you elaborate on this? Because I thought you were against wars. I thought that libertarians were against interventionism.

3.) How does November look in your perspective?

4.) Have they finally let you on the debate stage with Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney?

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[–]Alexxandros 1 point 2 hours ago

First off I want to say since seeing you in the small time you were allotted to speak in the GOP debates I’ve been a big fan, and an even bigger one once it was clear Ron Paul was not going to be the nominee. You are definitely doing great things for Liberty and for that I thank you.

-You speak a lot of legalizing marijuana but what about all drugs? I understand we have to start somewhere but is it your opinion that the drug war as a whole violates liberty or are you just concerned with Marijuana?

-Also if you were elected President who would you pick as Fed Chairmen?

-What do you think is the most critical part of your platform?

-Do you think you’d have more success with a democratic congress, a republican congress or a mixture of the two?


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[–]ShadowDrgn 2 points 2 hours ago

How do you feel about the Ron Paul strategy of attempting to return the Republican party to its small government roots rather than mounting a challenge as a third party? You also tried running in the Republican primary and seemingly used the Libertarian Party as a back-up plan, much like what it appears most liberty-minded supporters have also done. However, a protracted Republican primary fight certainly hasn’t done the LP any favors because the people who should be your biggest supporters are already tapped out, both financially and motivationally, trying to get Ron Paul the Republican nomination. On the other hand, the system IS rigged against third parties…

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[–]everyotherredditor 1 point 2 hours ago

Why aren’t you Ron Paul?

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[–]utohs 2 points 2 hours ago

Gov. Johnson, I have been an avid Ron Paul supporter for 5 years. I justified voting for him 4 years ago by stating that I am sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. I like most of your policies and believe you are far and away better than Romney and Obama. I believe that Ron Paul has a better stance on foreign policy than you, so my question to you is this: How would voting for you (as opposed to writing in Ron Paul) be different than still voting for the lesser of two evils?

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[–]0RPH 2 points 2 hours ago

I voted for you in the primary and I am planning on voting for you again in November. I realize that your chances for actually winning this time around are null, but I hope that if enough people vote for you now that in four years you, or another libertarian candidate, may have a real chance at succeeding. My question for you, is what is your strategy for getting the libertarian ideals more understood in this country? Do we need to go the Ron Paul way and try to convert the republican party from the inside, or do we need to work from outside the party lines? Both? Neither? How do you hope to effect real positive change in this country?

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[–]jca2u 1 point 2 hours ago

Would you have still ran on the Libertarian ticket is Ron Paul would’ve (miraculously) gotten the Republican nomination?

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[–]hazyharry 1 point 2 hours ago

If you started a revolution, you would have followers. An army so to speak. Especially if you teamed up with Ron Paul.

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[–]Shahe_B 2 points 2 hours ago

Just wondering if you and Ron Paul had any discussion about running for office on the same ticket this year.

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[–]yoshiknows 1 point 2 hours ago

The Libertarian Party needs a leader, and Ron Paul needs to annoint that leader. Ron is a fantastic guy, but his ideas, while solid in foundation, were too radical. One step at a time. Yes, I get the idea of legalizing heroin, but don’t want to go there….yet. Maybe pot…Ron’s message really resonated with people – keep the momentum going. We are all sick of Wars, Government, Lobbyists, NeoCons, Gay Rights, Women’s Right, etc. Get government out of our lives – the GOP doesn’t get this, yet they preach it.

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[–]edisekeed 1 point 1 hour ago

Big fan Gary and will be voting for you in November! I was wondering if you considered asking Ron Paul to publicly support you. Since he has a huge following and supports many of your libertarian principles its seems like a decent possibility and would definitely boost your chances.

My question is, do you think federal government has any role in providing a safety net, no matter how basic, for poor people?

Thanks again!

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[–]vjpantin 0 points 1 hour ago

Hello Gov. Johnson, thanks for doing an AMA. I was just wondering how you became affiliated with Ron Paul and if you think he will be playing a larger role in the office than most other VPs (i.e. Joe Biden). Thanks, and good luck!

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[–]Pseudophobic 1 point 1 hour ago

As a Ron Paul supporter, why should I support you instead? How are your views the same and do you differ on any issues?

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[–]rancegt 0 points 1 hour ago

Ron Paul has a lot of people vowing to write in his name for the election.

What would you say to them to persuade them to vote for you?

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[–]Shapeshiftingkiwi 1 point 1 hour ago

Simple question, why should i bother voting?

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[–]LibertarianCentrist 2 points 1 hour ago

I am a Ron Paul activist and you have not quite earned my vote. I am a bit put off by you’re take on a lot of social issues. You mentioned that your plan is to nationally legalize and then tax marijuana. I feel that this doesn’t hold a lot of regards for states’ rights and I don’t see why we need another tax. I also am a bit put off at your insistence on taking issues like gay marriage and abortion to be federally legislated, when I feel these are issues that ought to be left to the states. Can you please elaborate your positions and explain why a constitutionalist should vote for you?

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[–]tsilb 1 point 1 hour ago

  • I saw you say once that if Ron Paul had a chance of winning the GOP nomination, you’d drop out. If he decides to run as an independent, will you continue the race?
  • What can we do to help get you into the general season debates?
  • How quickly would you balance the budget? How quickly do you think we could reasonably pay off the national debt?
  • Would you favor any federal-level regulations? If so, what kind?
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[–]suspen_sion 1 point 1 hour ago

What are your thoughts on Ron Paul?

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[–]rigelstarr 1 point 1 hour ago

Why do not you and Ron Paul join forces to create a undefeatable dynamic duo that could transform our govenment?

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[–]emjayar08 1 point 58 minutes ago

Do you have any interest in bring in Ron Paul as your VP?

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[–]ColbyM777 1 point 36 minutes ago

Wouldn’t it be easier to lean back and put the laptop on your lap? You look uncomfortable in the picture. Oh, and if elected would Ron Paul be your VP? Are you going to try and make the government smaller, if so, how?

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[–]MPBlaster 1 point 23 minutes ago

Did you consider asking Ron Paul to be your VP? I know alot of us were thinking you might be.

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[–]simplejaaaames 1 point 2 hours ago

hello Mr. Johnson! what’s going on? how is your day going? i have a few questions i would like to ask you. 1, what would you say to the Ron Paul supporters were going to vote RP to get there vote? 2, what are your plans if you lose? i would love to see you continue to liberty movement and see you run for senate maybe? 3, this is a question from my mom, what would you do about social security? she is in her 50’s and is scared to death she will have to work until she dies. she also would like to know where the SS money currently is. you already have have my vote sir. i am a RP supporter voting for you because you are that absolute best candidate left standing. i’m showing all of my friends, including my mother, how much of a good candidate you are. thank you for doing this AMA and have a great rest of the day sir.

Gary Johnson: A true american hero

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[–]billardkarr 2 points 2 hours ago

How would you involve Ron Paul with your administration if you became President?

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[–]SovereignRLG 1 point 2 hours ago

Do you support Ron Paul running again in 2016?

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[–]FingerBuckley 0 points 2 hours ago

Any chance that Ron Paul could end up as your running mate? (as in VP candidate)

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[–]bryansmall41 0 points 2 hours ago

First off thank you Gov Johnson for doing this AMA. Got a lot of questions 1) What are you doing to gain national attention and be included in televised debates? 2) What are you doing to gain the young crowd that Ron Paul introduced to libertarianism? 3) What is the best thing a broke college student can do to help spread your movement? 4) What is the biggest limiting factor stopping true third party politics in America?

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[–]morpheus342 -1 points 1 hour ago

Gov. Johnson, Y U NO PICK RON PAUL YET????

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