Elle’s Plan on Organizing and Spreading the Word: Facebook, Daily Paul, WeNeedPaul.com, Meetup Groups

Elle’s Plan on Organizing and Spreading the Word: Facebook, Daily Paul, WeNeedPaul.com, Meetup Groups.

Read this for tips on how to get the message out there. We need everyone who is willing to lobby Doctor Paul and other willing people. Tell him you support him and that We Still Need him. Four more years might be too late.

Evan Alaska

Here are some of Elle Black‘s ideas for organizing. Feel free to run with these in any positive direction: Hi Evan,
The following is not edited. Hopefully you get the idea. I am very serious about this, as I believe you are as well. I know others who are still serious too, they just need to be re-engaged. If you want to do this I will help.

I firmly believe that a GJ/RP ticket has a chance of winning, OR at very least getting into the debates.
To get RP to agree to this I think he needs to see an out-pouring of support- 2007 style. The only thing that I see holding us back is the fatigue and depression being experienced by so many Ron Paul supporters after being cheated and marginalized for the last 5 years. If we can break through that and regain even just a portion of the exuberance from 2007 WE CAN SHAKE THE WORLD. By doing the following we will concurrently show Paul we’re serious AND get the word out at the same time.

The Website must be catchy, easy to use, inspiring! WeNeedPaul.com is a great start, needs more color/pizzaz. (Do you have a website guy, I could offer some quick design ideas if you like but my html is way too rusty for me to be of use.) The points of what we are trying to do-and how it would work- have to be simply stated, on the front page.

Rekindle the fire- Need good slogan, go viral. We need an army of people to post ALL OVER DAILY PAUL!! Daily Paul is crumbling, focus is gone. As the biggest Ron Paul site in the world we need to get them back on board-and it can be done, but we need many people posting all over the site EVERY DAY. The moderators there must feel the urgency of the situation, and cover it on the site accordingly.

Simple message of how GJ/RP ticket could win, with poll results etc. Also address that even not winning, getting into the debates would have intense and far reaching effects.

Put to rest concerns about getting on the ballot. Even if there were some states where they weren’t on the ballot, the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of supporters in those states could pour their energy into all the other States where they are on the ballot- can easily be done via computer or phone! (see below) Each one of those supporters could get 5 MORE votes in another State.

Address the “anti-Gary Johnson” folks, respectfully. There are a few issues and they must be addressed one by one, not glossed over or ignored.

Get the message out there Nationally as well as Globally.

Press releases to ALL media outlets (compile list of reporters who have covered RP articles/news in the past first): Local & National papers, Patch, RT, HuffPo, etc. Get concise hard hitting video on all Community TV stations (might be tricky, I don’t know if they allow political “ads”, but could easily be done as an informational piece).

Have an army of grassroots activists posting in online comment sections of newspapers/TV shows EVERY DAY! Ditto Facebook

Calls in to talk radio all over the country 24/7

Outreach to the Meetup groups- multiple contacts from different people all on the same day would be the most effective, would create a viral feeling- “wow lots of people are talking about this, it must be big!”.

Get non-computer volunteers on board- a HUGE number of supporters are barely on the internet, if at all! Many of them are retired and have plenty of time on their hands! First of all figure out how to get ahold of them- Then get them on the phones, first to other non-computer people then to radio shows etc. Get them handing out info at events/farmers markets, at lines outside the movie theater! Get out where the people are!

All of these tasks must be organized and orchestrated to be effective in the shortest amount of time.


Identify someone (or a few people) who are very fired up and on-board from each State to organize and “delegate” the above tasks to meetup groups in that State. Come up with a simplified list of top priority tasks, in order of importance so that volunteers can easily plug in and get started IMEDIATELY. Divide the “computer” people from the “non-computer” people, get the non-computer people engaged first as they are the most difficult to get a hold of.

Have a few people working on Global level- I believe this is important, as if this message can get out there we can have supporters all over the world helping-even though they can’t vote.

2nd Example:

Have people in charge of different tasks- ie one person (or a few) in charge of talk radio, and another person in charge of HuffPo. They would compile all the relevant information and disseminate it with contact info/links to the waiting volunteers.

I haven’t thought yet about which is the best way to go- If you’re on board with it we can iron out those details.



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