Evan Alaska Third Conference Call. Brief Transcript.

Evan Alaska Third Conference Call. Brief Transcript..

Evan is speaking. Says he has a horrible cold/flu. His energy is low and he needs people to step up. We have had over 5,000 people sign the petition on RonPaul2012.net since we started this. Not enough people yet. We have until about Monday to lobby Doctor Paul to contact the LP about his intentions. There has been a surprising amount of discord between the various Paul factions. This is natural given what we experienced with things like what went on at the Convention. It can still be done, winning Paul over. We have 5 or 6 days to get more people to lobby him. [The most important thing to do is to write, email, call Paul and his offices and get others, be they people or organizations, to do the same through social media.]

A lot of people have put a lot of energy into the Lawyers for Ron Paul case [the original one had to do with election fraud]. Richard Gilbert’s one case filed so far was rejected, he appealed and it was thrown out again on September 5th. He did not share this fact immediately. Gilbert does not appear to have the best record winning cases. Richard thinks he can win the case to make the states comply with the voting rights act as he understands it, no paper work required to have Paul run as a write-in candidate. The time period has expired in all 50 states, so his suit would have to overturn the law in all 50 states before November.

Sore loser laws prevent Paul from running for President, not for Vice President. Gary was challenged under the sore loser law in two states. He won these cases because of how early he got out of the GOP race. Only one state’s sore loser laws would block Ron Paul from being VP.

Odds are he won’t be able to run, let alone win in the presidential slot, so we need to stop focusing on that and look at the VP slot with the VP.

Virgil Goode has indicated that he would give up his spot for Ron Paul. But the Constitution Party is only on the ballot in about half of the states.

Gary is polling at around 5% nation wide. This was the old threshold to get into the debates. If Paul were to join him this percentage would be higher.

On the Vokle conference Gary Johnson held last night he did not get around to answering Evan’s questions about Paul. He did say he would consider Paul as a Cabinet choice, though. Evan is not sure if it is even legal to make promises about cabinet positions.

Spoke with the Treasurer and General Counsel for Gary Johnson campaign. They said they would make room for Paul if he got in touch with them.

Mentions his website, weneedpaul.com, other blogs, the facebook group, meetups, Young Americans for Liberty, Campaign for Liberty. Says there are sample posters and images as well as links, ideas, contact info on the facebook group.

If we are going to do this we need to exponentially increase our energy and teamwork.

First caller: Leandrah from the Holistic Truth blog talk radio program, which is simulcasting the conference call. Says Edward in her chat room says delegates from Virginia that were detained on buses in Tampa should contact Richard Gilbert at richardattorney@gmail.com. Another person in the chat room asked How do we make all this happen? Leandrah says that she knows that Evan just addressed this.

Evan says there are only 26 people on the call, down from 105 on the previous call and 1804 on the first call. Says this reflects the declining optimism and the schedule change (third call was originally Monday but switched to Tuesday). [I would note here that some maybe be listening to the simulcast and other might dial the number for the recording of the call.]

Second caller: “Shotgun” Susie in Louisiana. Says the website isweneedpaul.com or weneedpaul.org. Evan says the facebook groupis the better place at the moment because he has been unable to tend to the website because of his cold/flu. Susie says we can spread the word with signs, even billboards.

Evan agrees and mentions bulletin boards in coffee shops. We should even try prayer. Says he understands that Paul himself might not even have the energy to do this but that we should continue to lobby him. Susie and Evan both state that one excuse we could use is that the Libertarian Party needs his help to get into the debates by joining their ticket. We should bring this up when we contact him.

Third caller: Nemo (thats me). Asks if Evan payed attention to the Gary Johnson Reddit Ask Me Anything event earlier in the day. Evan says he hadn’t. Nemo says Gary only answered about 12 questions, none of which touched on what we are talking about today. There were about 3000 questions that ere asked. Gary said he would answer more if he had time later today or tomorrow. There were about 100 [a rough estimate] that addressed, in some way, what we are talking about. So there is a chance he might answer them. Nemo says Gary didn’t answer any like this last night on the vokle online conference. Just want people to know about this so they can keep an eye on it.

Evan says thank you. I know the reason for that, at least according to the General Counsel and the Treasurer for the Libertarian Party, is that they already tried reaching out to Paul and they don’t want to disrupt the ticket they already have until Paul actually steps forward. [This is why the most important thing to do is lobby Paul himself and get others to do the same.] Johnson won’t answer these questions until then. Evan’s understanding is that if Paul does step forward, the Johnson team will do what it can to make it work.

Nemo says this is a much needed clarification. Says he was pretty sure that our main job was to lobby Paul, not necessarily the Libertarian Party.

Evan says yes, we must lobby Doctor Paul mainly. That also answers the controversy for those who feel the VP slot is not good enough for Paul. If I’m wrong about all the reasons it makes the most sense for him to go for the VP slot, at least there is something we all agree on and that is that Paul should stay in the race. But logistically he can’t run as an independent or write-in. The deadlines have expired.

Nemo asks if Paul was to contact the LP and the Gary Johnson team, Jim Gray would need to resign, but would there also need to be a change in the LP bylaws?

Evan says that his understanding is that the 14 member LP Central Committee is receptive to all this, but that they would need to poll their state organizers and chairs. The general feeling among these people is that the vast majority have always wished Paul could have been on the ticket, though there will be those who are upset. They do not have time, however, to hold a new convention. The longer Ron Paul waits, the harder it will be for them to poll their state organizers. Says the LP is receptive at some levels and that they need Paul to get onto the national stage in the debates and that Paul haas the power to help them. Says that Gary has decent favorability built he is still widely unknown. For this to change, and for the message to get out there, he needs to get in the debates and Paul can help him. Chaotically voting for the Green Party, the Constitution Party, write-ins, etc. may or may not get noticed, but if we want any chance of actually wining, Johnson and Paul need to team up. And even if the LP didn’t win, Paul would help the LP spread its message by getting them into the debates. Anything else?

Nemo says he’s done and will let someone else have a turn. Evan says thanks and to keep posting. Nemo will.

Fourth caller: Kim in Wisconsin. Says she found out about the first conference call in several places but the second two, particularly this one were not as well known-about. Wonders why. Evan says he only posted the first one in one place and the message spread fast because it was a new, somewhat cryptic thing. That’s why we had so many people on the first call. On the second call we had 105 people, but that was also simulcast online. If we want more people we need to spread the message. Kim was to the call late so brings up Richard Gilbert again. Evan restates much of what he talked about earlier in the call. Also states his doubts as to the possibility of voiding all write-in laws in time. Evan says a RP write-in attempt would not get as much national attention as a VP run on the LP ticket because he would definitely not get into the debates or have a meaningful campaign presence. It would be hard to let the voters even know a write-in was even a choice.

Logistically, we have until about next Monday (the 17th), maybe a day or two longer. The LP would have to file paperwork in 50 states to change that. Shortly after that, the first ballots will be printed and shipped to servicemen. That is September 22nd. Kim asks if what the Libertarian Party is waiting for is for Doctor Ron Paul to come to them. Evan affirms this and says that the LP would do everything it can to figure things out. Evan says he has spoke to both the General Counsel and the Treasurer. They are not saying all this publicly because they don’t want to steal the energy from their current ticket. Kim asks what it takes to convince Ron Paul Evan says he doesn’t know but we need to take it to another level. Sign the petition, get more people to email Doctor Paul. Evan says his energy is low due to his fever and others need to step up to help lead this effort.We have six days. It seems like a monumental task, but it might just take ONE more person to get to Doctor Paul in the right way. If you haven’t done it yet, please do so now while there is still time, be it email, telegram. Get other friends to do the same. If there is enough people, we can make this happen. Kim says that the Texas number; those people were the nicest. Evan says [Presumably his Lake Jackson office.] They were thankful and appreciative. Kim mentions the 800 number. Evan says its the campaign number and they direct you to send email. Kim affirms this and thanks Evan. Evan says he wishes he could do more but is sick, thanks Kim and asks for more callers.

Fifth caller: “Shotgun” Susie again. Volunteers to step up and help Evan lead this effort. Evan tells her the best way is to post things, but that Evan will be deleting negative posts, not because he is mean but because the group has a purpose.

Sixth caller: Leandrah again. Says she can use her blog talk show/site to host groups getting together and that she has a lot of listeners. Evan encourages to do this and tells her (and us) to post stuff on Daily Paul. Evan says if it weren’t for his cold he could be more energized in organizing all of this. Leandrah says she can talk for hours. Evan says if he starts to feel better he will join her. Evan and Leandrah will discuss this after the call.

Seventh caller: Barry in Maine aka Papa Bare on facebook. Says he wrote to Ron Paul and told him he was voting for him no matter what unless Ron Paul directs him to do otherwise. Barry will not and CAN not do anything other than this. Encourages others to send emails, and push Paul “over the edge”, let him know that we are not going to say no to him. I know how modest he is and how he loves to stand down, but we need to push him. Its the only way its going to happen.

Evan says that he personally feels that Doctor Paul owes us this. He is the one that got us interested in Liberty. He is the one who should lead us. He does deserve a rest as he has worked hard, but we need him to be brave a little longer. George Washington didn’t stop fighting. It’s not over yet.

Barry says he has the impression that either Ron or his family has been threatened. Evan says he doesn’t like to focus on negative things like that but relays a story from 2008 where Evan asked him directly if he knew the risks. People would try to stop him, maybe even through assassination. Ron Paul said he knew that and he was willing to face that. I don’t know what would change his attitude about that. Also let people know that Jesse Benton resigned from the Ron Paul campaign and Campaign for Liberty. All the people frustrated with him during the campaign should know that. It leaves room for the grassroots to do the campaigning, like they have done anyways.

Barry says he was a Maine delegate and relays what happened with Maine and the Romney campaign in Maine. Evan says that he just resigned from his position in the GOP because it against the rules for him to campaign for someone other than the nominee, Romney. Evan says he plans on getting back into the his position after his current efforts are over.

Barry says he is not outgoing in person, not as much as he is online. Says we should keep plugging. Evan asks if Barry was one of the delegates that made it to Tampa. Barry says he wasn’t. Evan asks him his thoughts on what the Romney and the RNC did to the Maine delegates that did make it to Florida. Barry says he is really upset and that they stole what we worked hard to get. Wrote letters to people in his state who were in part responsible for that fiasco. Relates how he met Ron Paul one time and how he had never met a man like him in his life (Evan agrees). Brings up that Ron Paul has real values, values that people share. Asks what’s the matter with people who think a twelve-term Congressman is unelectable. Evan says it’s because people watch TV and newspapers that are controlled by the same military-industrial complex and everyone else who benefits from us being debt slaves thanks to the Federal Reserve’s printing press, us paying the interest the rest of our lives. We have to give a third of our work every year to support stuff we don’t even agree with like bombing other countries. Barry says nobody even asks us what they can do with our money. they just go out and they do it. It’s totally irresponsible.

Evan says that some good has come of all this fighting. We won some positions. We learned how to get organized. And though we were cheated, at least everyone knows it. This only strengthens us. Alaska is one good example. Barry talks about his background. Small communities. Evan says he is the same way. Evan says that the people in small communities notice when people get involved to make a difference. This movement is spreading. Barry says he is spreading the word. Evan says he has another caller. Barry tells Evan to take care.

Eighth caller: Jerry (woman) from Youngstown Ohio. Says she is new to all this, never into politics. In 2008 thought Ron Paul was just another Ross Perot. Got a computer a little over a year ago and it has helped her to see things she never would have believed were going on in our country, and our government. The deceptions that people are under, our whole idea of what America is. When I saw who Ron Paul really was, I fell to my knees and was asking forgiveness for what I said about him and thought about him. He is an honorable man and I’m a Christian and I feel Ron Paul was placed here to lead us. I don’t mean to offend anybody. There are enough people in our country that are praying I think God has sent him for this time and for this purpose. For anyone in their right mind to want to lead a country it has to come from God. Or else its greed or power hunger. I know Paul is not those. Paul’s life is on the line.

Evan says Paul was drafted in 2008 and again in 2012, so he has been a reluctant leader, but let’s hope we can draft him one more time. We have six more days to try and figure this out. Jerry says she can’t do a lot as she is disabled but says she has gone to Walmart and passed out brochures to the employees and customers. She says the employees took them even though it might risk their jobs. People don’t have time to look into politics, but they know something is wrong and they don’t like Romney. Some didn’t even know Ron Paul was still in the race. Some of them didn’t even know who he was. Suggests others try to get into places when people are working, because they don’t have time to go home and do the research.

Evan says there are only six days, so this sort of campaigning is not what he has in mind. Jerry says that she means to pass out the contact information. Evan says not to procrastinate, to send out the emails now. The best way to lobby Doctor Paul is to tell the people that already support him to contact him. Evan says we need to consolidate all the info into one big message on the We Need Paul facebook page. Evan says he is behind on his work or he would do this himself, but he can’t. Get all the flyers out, the contact info, the url, the suggestions. Make a list, and upload it as a pdf or other type of document.

Jerry apologizes for being late to join the conference and asks what became of the Richard Gilbert suit. Evan says he doesn’t want to repeat the whole thing and that she can listen to the recording. But the main thing is that he lost his delegate case, but is filing another case to allow us to do write-ins in all fifty states. Jerry thanks Evan and says it is important. Evan says the best thing we can do is convince Doctor Paul to get back in the race. Jerry asks if he is running independent or Libertarian. Evan says he is not running unless we can get him back in the race. Thank you very much.

Evan asks for more callers. There are none, so he plans another call for Saturday and ends the call.

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