Important Links for Organizing the Effort to Draft Ron Paul

Important Links for Organizing the Effort to Draft Ron Paul.

The Ron Paul Meetup Groups. If You are already involved with one, either on facebook or, great! Get in touch with them and inform them of the effort to get Paul elected, most likely as VP on the Libertarian ticket. If you are not part of one, it is relatively easy to join. Join one and get involved.

Gary Johnson Live Online Townhall tonight in lieu of Evan Alaska conference call which is rescheduled for tomorrow night. I do not know what will specifically be addressed, but I have no doubt some will try to bring up the effort to draft Paul. Here is the info from the Daily Paul:

Johnson answering Paul supporters questions in Live Online Town Hall tonight 9PM EST/6PM PST

Submitted by hardymacia on Mon, 09/10/2012 – 16:19

With the RNC over many Ron Paul supporters are now shifting their support to Gary Johnson’s campaign for President, some are still on the fence, or they want some face to face time with Johnson.

Everyone has questions so bring your questions for Governor Johnson, and he will spend 90 minutes tonight answering as many of your questions as he can.

Location will be:…

If you have a video camera you can ask your questions directly to him live. If no video camera then you can submit short text questions.


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