PaulJohnson 2012 Mission Statement

PaulJohnson 2012 Mission Statement.

The Early Hours of September 3rd, 2012.

This site is dedicated to a Paul-Johnson or Johnson-Paul ticket for the 2012 presidential race. There is no intent to disenfranchise voters or campaign contributors, pressure candidates or staffers, or anger the grassroots or the electorate. There is only the desire to create a winning ticket by asking Gary Johnson, Jim Gray, and/or the Libertarian Party to make accommodations to the Ron Paul camp. This does not mean anyone should blackmail or belittle or berate the Gary Johnson team, but simply that we should ask them to weigh the requests and arguments and decide, voluntarily for themselves to potentially forgo one or both of their chances of becoming the president or vice president, for the sake of the cause. For those Libertarian Party members out there who find this idea reprehensible, I respect their rights, but I question their reasoning. I am certainly not for winning at all costs under any circumstances, but I am for asking all the candidates and officials in question to consider the merits of proposals such as what will be posted and promoted on this blog. Namely that the Libertarian Party make room for Ron Paul.

First, and hardest of all to accomplish would be having both Gary Johnson and Jim Gray step down so that Ron Paul can be placed at the top of the ticket and Gary Johnson at the bottom. Secondly, perhaps easier but still likely to elicit an initial backlash if not permanently damaged relationships between lovers of Liberty would be to have Jim Gray step down so that Ron Paul can take his place at the bottom of the ticket. And thirdly, would be to have Gary Johnson and/or Jim Gray and/or the Libertarian Party promise to appoint Ron Paul to a cabinet level position. There may be the chance that they plan on doing this anyway, but were they to make the promise, and to contact Ron Paul directly about it, before the November election, preferably soon, it could boost their polling numbers, their campaign contributions, and their voter turnout by a considerable margin. Enough to get media attention. Enough to make it into the debates. Enough to compete. Enough to win.

There will always be those die hard Ron Paul supporters, some of whom like Gary Johnson, and some of whom just don’t trust him, that do not plan on voting for Gary Johnson for a variety of reasons. This is their right. All men should be free to vote their conscience. Ridiculing them for this serves no purpose but to alienate you from them and them from you. How does this promote the cause of Liberty? But the numbers of such stubborn people would decrease considerably were they to be given some reassurances. These might include acquiescence to one of the aforementioned proposals, an endorsement of Gary Johnson by Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson convincing people of how much he and Ron Paul have in common, in spite of Gary Johnson’s perceived, though relative, ignorance or halfheartedness on so many issues ranging from the Natural Law to Economics to the Constitution to Foreign Policy to the War on Drugs.

If all of this could only come about at greater cost to the Liberty movement than benefit, the very idea should be cast aside lest a schism rends all that we have fought for asunder. Such rifts only occur for ideological reasons, and even then rarely. They should not be found to arise between former comrades who merely disagree on a few items of strategy.

I would appreciate any and all feedback, great or small, positive or negative. Please note that none of these things are originally my idea. I simply felt compelled by recent events (namely the Evan Alaska Conference Calls, one the night of September 2nd, and another on the night of September 6th, as well as rumors on the DailyPaul that gained traction after the Convention and particularly with the news of Ron Paul’s September 4th appearance on Jay Leno) and the hard work of others to become a part of this. For the record, I am a Ron Paul supporter who likes Gary Johnson but remains wary of him. I don’t even know that I could vote for him without some of the above requests being granted.

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