News from and Opinions on the Saturday Afternoon Evan Alaska Conference Call

I was unable to attend the Saturday afternoon teleconference as something personal came up. I did listen to some of the recording, but for some reason I was not able to rewind it (possibly an issue with my phone) as I had previously done, so transcription was not feasible. What I can say is that there are no major updates and we only have two days left to lobby Ron Paul. If I come across a link of the recording, I will post it. Until then, you can listen to it by dialing 559-726-1299 and then then 811476#, which is the access code. If you are serious about this effort, please send an email to Ron Paul through his contact form, telling him you want him to at least consider contacting the Libertarian Party about being Gary Johnson’s running mate. And contrary to what you may have heard, it is NOT too late, and ballot access would not be lost in very many states, or any at all if any law suits are won. Nor is a write-in candidacy viable unless Richard Gilbert wins his latest case, which to my knowledge has not even been filed yet. If it is filed Monday, he has five to six weeks to win it and organize a write-in campaign. That’s all fine and good, but on the other hand, the possibility of drafting Ron Paul to the Libertarian ticket has even less time to succeed, which is why if you want Ron Paul to run on at least some ticket, it should be the primary focus, at least until Monday the 17th, by which time it will likely no longer be possible for the LP to do the legwork in enough states, both on the party and on the election level, to change their ballot, as the first ballots ship out September 22nd. If this effort fails, it will not be because it was not viable, as some have erroneously (I can prove that, by the way) been saying since it was first brought up, but because they mistakenly thought other efforts (such as the Richard Gilbert case) were more viable. Or because they stubbornly refused to see Ron on the bottom of the ticket, even if they thought it was viable. Or because they timorously preferred being shrinking violets over actually getting 15% for Gary, which is the only way he can win, and without which there is no real reason to support a Gary Johnson ticket over a Ron Paul write-in, unless perhaps you prefer him to Ron Paul on the issues, which is a perfectly fine reason, but does not reflect even half of his current support, let alone a tenth of the support he needs to win. The only reason for people who prefer Ron Paul to vote for Gary Johnson if this does not happen will be because it counts more, not because he has a chance of winning. Some will think that’s a good enough reason, others, perhaps more, will not. So you see, not only was it viable to get Ron Paul on the ticket, it may have been necessary. But rest assured, if this does not go through, and I expect it won’t, there is still the possibility of a cabinet position or an endorsement. That will likely be the focus of this blog starting in the next few days. It is curious and unfortunate that as the likelihood increases on the scale of our options, the enthusiasm decreases exponentially. I won’t go so far as to say that this is a detrimental characteristic of the Liberty movement, as its opposite would surely play into the status quo’s hands, and make us the worst compromisers.

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