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This information is from the Drafting Ron Paul to Stay in the Race event page, https://www.facebook.com/events/343258709094797/

The next call is Satruday at:

12:00 PM ALASKA TIME That is:
1:00 PM Pacific – 2:00 PM Mountain – 3:00 PM Central – 4:00 PM Eastern

If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1200

Participant access code: 811476

We now have a simulcast-Live-stream of today’s conference call set up, thanks to Leandrah Grace. If you can’t afford to call in, just go to http://tobtr.com/s/3742575. to tune in!

HT LIVE Teleconference Simulcast – Electing for Ron Paul
Simulcast Teleconference Electing/Drafting Ron Paul Conference dial-in number (559)726-1200 Participant access code: 811476 The new Facebook Group for everyone in this effort will be open to ALL who wish to join, though negative people will be promptly banned. www.WeNeedPaul.com Facebook Page is “W…

Please understand that any of District Chairs and Bonus votes and other Party officials can be REMOVED from their State Central Committees or other offices for joining this group or otherwise promoting a candidate for office in a party not their own.

As the founder of this group, I’m most likely going to have to resign from my own position on the State Central Committee of the Alaska Republican Party. It’s worth it to me to make a stand for Liberty, but it’s a risk to consider. I do not want to see us lose all the progress we have made in the Republican or other parties, so I hope most people with hard won positions will keep them, and let the rest of us campaign for Liberty, Peace, and Sound Money.

Evan Alaska Third Conference Call. Brief Transcript.

Evan Alaska Third Conference Call. Brief Transcript..

Evan is speaking. Says he has a horrible cold/flu. His energy is low and he needs people to step up. We have had over 5,000 people sign the petition on RonPaul2012.net since we started this. Not enough people yet. We have until about Monday to lobby Doctor Paul to contact the LP about his intentions. There has been a surprising amount of discord between the various Paul factions. This is natural given what we experienced with things like what went on at the Convention. It can still be done, winning Paul over. We have 5 or 6 days to get more people to lobby him. [The most important thing to do is to write, email, call Paul and his offices and get others, be they people or organizations, to do the same through social media.]

A lot of people have put a lot of energy into the Lawyers for Ron Paul case [the original one had to do with election fraud]. Richard Gilbert’s one case filed so far was rejected, he appealed and it was thrown out again on September 5th. He did not share this fact immediately. Gilbert does not appear to have the best record winning cases. Richard thinks he can win the case to make the states comply with the voting rights act as he understands it, no paper work required to have Paul run as a write-in candidate. The time period has expired in all 50 states, so his suit would have to overturn the law in all 50 states before November.

Sore loser laws prevent Paul from running for President, not for Vice President. Gary was challenged under the sore loser law in two states. He won these cases because of how early he got out of the GOP race. Only one state’s sore loser laws would block Ron Paul from being VP.

Odds are he won’t be able to run, let alone win in the presidential slot, so we need to stop focusing on that and look at the VP slot with the VP.

Virgil Goode has indicated that he would give up his spot for Ron Paul. But the Constitution Party is only on the ballot in about half of the states.

Gary is polling at around 5% nation wide. This was the old threshold to get into the debates. If Paul were to join him this percentage would be higher.

On the Vokle conference Gary Johnson held last night he did not get around to answering Evan’s questions about Paul. He did say he would consider Paul as a Cabinet choice, though. Evan is not sure if it is even legal to make promises about cabinet positions.

Spoke with the Treasurer and General Counsel for Gary Johnson campaign. They said they would make room for Paul if he got in touch with them.

Mentions his website, weneedpaul.com, other blogs, the facebook group, meetups, Young Americans for Liberty, Campaign for Liberty. Says there are sample posters and images as well as links, ideas, contact info on the facebook group.

If we are going to do this we need to exponentially increase our energy and teamwork.

First caller: Leandrah from the Holistic Truth blog talk radio program, which is simulcasting the conference call. Says Edward in her chat room says delegates from Virginia that were detained on buses in Tampa should contact Richard Gilbert at richardattorney@gmail.com. Another person in the chat room asked How do we make all this happen? Leandrah says that she knows that Evan just addressed this.

Evan says there are only 26 people on the call, down from 105 on the previous call and 1804 on the first call. Says this reflects the declining optimism and the schedule change (third call was originally Monday but switched to Tuesday). [I would note here that some maybe be listening to the simulcast and other might dial the number for the recording of the call.]

Second caller: “Shotgun” Susie in Louisiana. Says the website isweneedpaul.com or weneedpaul.org. Evan says the facebook groupis the better place at the moment because he has been unable to tend to the website because of his cold/flu. Susie says we can spread the word with signs, even billboards.

Evan agrees and mentions bulletin boards in coffee shops. We should even try prayer. Says he understands that Paul himself might not even have the energy to do this but that we should continue to lobby him. Susie and Evan both state that one excuse we could use is that the Libertarian Party needs his help to get into the debates by joining their ticket. We should bring this up when we contact him.

Third caller: Nemo (thats me). Asks if Evan payed attention to the Gary Johnson Reddit Ask Me Anything event earlier in the day. Evan says he hadn’t. Nemo says Gary only answered about 12 questions, none of which touched on what we are talking about today. There were about 3000 questions that ere asked. Gary said he would answer more if he had time later today or tomorrow. There were about 100 [a rough estimate] that addressed, in some way, what we are talking about. So there is a chance he might answer them. Nemo says Gary didn’t answer any like this last night on the vokle online conference. Just want people to know about this so they can keep an eye on it.

Evan says thank you. I know the reason for that, at least according to the General Counsel and the Treasurer for the Libertarian Party, is that they already tried reaching out to Paul and they don’t want to disrupt the ticket they already have until Paul actually steps forward. [This is why the most important thing to do is lobby Paul himself and get others to do the same.] Johnson won’t answer these questions until then. Evan’s understanding is that if Paul does step forward, the Johnson team will do what it can to make it work.

Nemo says this is a much needed clarification. Says he was pretty sure that our main job was to lobby Paul, not necessarily the Libertarian Party.

Evan says yes, we must lobby Doctor Paul mainly. That also answers the controversy for those who feel the VP slot is not good enough for Paul. If I’m wrong about all the reasons it makes the most sense for him to go for the VP slot, at least there is something we all agree on and that is that Paul should stay in the race. But logistically he can’t run as an independent or write-in. The deadlines have expired.

Nemo asks if Paul was to contact the LP and the Gary Johnson team, Jim Gray would need to resign, but would there also need to be a change in the LP bylaws?

Evan says that his understanding is that the 14 member LP Central Committee is receptive to all this, but that they would need to poll their state organizers and chairs. The general feeling among these people is that the vast majority have always wished Paul could have been on the ticket, though there will be those who are upset. They do not have time, however, to hold a new convention. The longer Ron Paul waits, the harder it will be for them to poll their state organizers. Says the LP is receptive at some levels and that they need Paul to get onto the national stage in the debates and that Paul haas the power to help them. Says that Gary has decent favorability built he is still widely unknown. For this to change, and for the message to get out there, he needs to get in the debates and Paul can help him. Chaotically voting for the Green Party, the Constitution Party, write-ins, etc. may or may not get noticed, but if we want any chance of actually wining, Johnson and Paul need to team up. And even if the LP didn’t win, Paul would help the LP spread its message by getting them into the debates. Anything else?

Nemo says he’s done and will let someone else have a turn. Evan says thanks and to keep posting. Nemo will.

Fourth caller: Kim in Wisconsin. Says she found out about the first conference call in several places but the second two, particularly this one were not as well known-about. Wonders why. Evan says he only posted the first one in one place and the message spread fast because it was a new, somewhat cryptic thing. That’s why we had so many people on the first call. On the second call we had 105 people, but that was also simulcast online. If we want more people we need to spread the message. Kim was to the call late so brings up Richard Gilbert again. Evan restates much of what he talked about earlier in the call. Also states his doubts as to the possibility of voiding all write-in laws in time. Evan says a RP write-in attempt would not get as much national attention as a VP run on the LP ticket because he would definitely not get into the debates or have a meaningful campaign presence. It would be hard to let the voters even know a write-in was even a choice.

Logistically, we have until about next Monday (the 17th), maybe a day or two longer. The LP would have to file paperwork in 50 states to change that. Shortly after that, the first ballots will be printed and shipped to servicemen. That is September 22nd. Kim asks if what the Libertarian Party is waiting for is for Doctor Ron Paul to come to them. Evan affirms this and says that the LP would do everything it can to figure things out. Evan says he has spoke to both the General Counsel and the Treasurer. They are not saying all this publicly because they don’t want to steal the energy from their current ticket. Kim asks what it takes to convince Ron Paul Evan says he doesn’t know but we need to take it to another level. Sign the petition, get more people to email Doctor Paul. Evan says his energy is low due to his fever and others need to step up to help lead this effort.We have six days. It seems like a monumental task, but it might just take ONE more person to get to Doctor Paul in the right way. If you haven’t done it yet, please do so now while there is still time, be it email, telegram. Get other friends to do the same. If there is enough people, we can make this happen. Kim says that the Texas number; those people were the nicest. Evan says [Presumably his Lake Jackson office.] They were thankful and appreciative. Kim mentions the 800 number. Evan says its the campaign number and they direct you to send email. Kim affirms this and thanks Evan. Evan says he wishes he could do more but is sick, thanks Kim and asks for more callers.

Fifth caller: “Shotgun” Susie again. Volunteers to step up and help Evan lead this effort. Evan tells her the best way is to post things, but that Evan will be deleting negative posts, not because he is mean but because the group has a purpose.

Sixth caller: Leandrah again. Says she can use her blog talk show/site to host groups getting together and that she has a lot of listeners. Evan encourages to do this and tells her (and us) to post stuff on Daily Paul. Evan says if it weren’t for his cold he could be more energized in organizing all of this. Leandrah says she can talk for hours. Evan says if he starts to feel better he will join her. Evan and Leandrah will discuss this after the call.

Seventh caller: Barry in Maine aka Papa Bare on facebook. Says he wrote to Ron Paul and told him he was voting for him no matter what unless Ron Paul directs him to do otherwise. Barry will not and CAN not do anything other than this. Encourages others to send emails, and push Paul “over the edge”, let him know that we are not going to say no to him. I know how modest he is and how he loves to stand down, but we need to push him. Its the only way its going to happen.

Evan says that he personally feels that Doctor Paul owes us this. He is the one that got us interested in Liberty. He is the one who should lead us. He does deserve a rest as he has worked hard, but we need him to be brave a little longer. George Washington didn’t stop fighting. It’s not over yet.

Barry says he has the impression that either Ron or his family has been threatened. Evan says he doesn’t like to focus on negative things like that but relays a story from 2008 where Evan asked him directly if he knew the risks. People would try to stop him, maybe even through assassination. Ron Paul said he knew that and he was willing to face that. I don’t know what would change his attitude about that. Also let people know that Jesse Benton resigned from the Ron Paul campaign and Campaign for Liberty. All the people frustrated with him during the campaign should know that. It leaves room for the grassroots to do the campaigning, like they have done anyways.

Barry says he was a Maine delegate and relays what happened with Maine and the Romney campaign in Maine. Evan says that he just resigned from his position in the GOP because it against the rules for him to campaign for someone other than the nominee, Romney. Evan says he plans on getting back into the his position after his current efforts are over.

Barry says he is not outgoing in person, not as much as he is online. Says we should keep plugging. Evan asks if Barry was one of the delegates that made it to Tampa. Barry says he wasn’t. Evan asks him his thoughts on what the Romney and the RNC did to the Maine delegates that did make it to Florida. Barry says he is really upset and that they stole what we worked hard to get. Wrote letters to people in his state who were in part responsible for that fiasco. Relates how he met Ron Paul one time and how he had never met a man like him in his life (Evan agrees). Brings up that Ron Paul has real values, values that people share. Asks what’s the matter with people who think a twelve-term Congressman is unelectable. Evan says it’s because people watch TV and newspapers that are controlled by the same military-industrial complex and everyone else who benefits from us being debt slaves thanks to the Federal Reserve’s printing press, us paying the interest the rest of our lives. We have to give a third of our work every year to support stuff we don’t even agree with like bombing other countries. Barry says nobody even asks us what they can do with our money. they just go out and they do it. It’s totally irresponsible.

Evan says that some good has come of all this fighting. We won some positions. We learned how to get organized. And though we were cheated, at least everyone knows it. This only strengthens us. Alaska is one good example. Barry talks about his background. Small communities. Evan says he is the same way. Evan says that the people in small communities notice when people get involved to make a difference. This movement is spreading. Barry says he is spreading the word. Evan says he has another caller. Barry tells Evan to take care.

Eighth caller: Jerry (woman) from Youngstown Ohio. Says she is new to all this, never into politics. In 2008 thought Ron Paul was just another Ross Perot. Got a computer a little over a year ago and it has helped her to see things she never would have believed were going on in our country, and our government. The deceptions that people are under, our whole idea of what America is. When I saw who Ron Paul really was, I fell to my knees and was asking forgiveness for what I said about him and thought about him. He is an honorable man and I’m a Christian and I feel Ron Paul was placed here to lead us. I don’t mean to offend anybody. There are enough people in our country that are praying I think God has sent him for this time and for this purpose. For anyone in their right mind to want to lead a country it has to come from God. Or else its greed or power hunger. I know Paul is not those. Paul’s life is on the line.

Evan says Paul was drafted in 2008 and again in 2012, so he has been a reluctant leader, but let’s hope we can draft him one more time. We have six more days to try and figure this out. Jerry says she can’t do a lot as she is disabled but says she has gone to Walmart and passed out brochures to the employees and customers. She says the employees took them even though it might risk their jobs. People don’t have time to look into politics, but they know something is wrong and they don’t like Romney. Some didn’t even know Ron Paul was still in the race. Some of them didn’t even know who he was. Suggests others try to get into places when people are working, because they don’t have time to go home and do the research.

Evan says there are only six days, so this sort of campaigning is not what he has in mind. Jerry says that she means to pass out the contact information. Evan says not to procrastinate, to send out the emails now. The best way to lobby Doctor Paul is to tell the people that already support him to contact him. Evan says we need to consolidate all the info into one big message on the We Need Paul facebook page. Evan says he is behind on his work or he would do this himself, but he can’t. Get all the flyers out, the contact info, the url, the suggestions. Make a list, and upload it as a pdf or other type of document.

Jerry apologizes for being late to join the conference and asks what became of the Richard Gilbert suit. Evan says he doesn’t want to repeat the whole thing and that she can listen to the recording. But the main thing is that he lost his delegate case, but is filing another case to allow us to do write-ins in all fifty states. Jerry thanks Evan and says it is important. Evan says the best thing we can do is convince Doctor Paul to get back in the race. Jerry asks if he is running independent or Libertarian. Evan says he is not running unless we can get him back in the race. Thank you very much.

Evan asks for more callers. There are none, so he plans another call for Saturday and ends the call.


This information is from the Drafting Ron Paul to Stay in the Race event page, https://www.facebook.com/events/343258709094797/

The next call is Satruday at:

12:00 PM ALASKA TIME That is:
1:00 PM Pacific – 2:00 PM Mountain – 3:00 PM Central – 4:00 PM EasternIf you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1200

Participant access code: 811476

We now have a simulcast-Live-stream of today’s conference call set up, thanks to Leandrah Grace. If you can’t afford to call in, just go to http://tobtr.com/s/3742575. to tune in!

HT LIVE Teleconference Simulcast – Electing for Ron Paul
Simulcast Teleconference Electing/Drafting Ron Paul Conference dial-in number (559)726-1200 Participant access code: 811476 The new Facebook Group for everyone in this effort will be open to ALL who wish to join, though negative people will be promptly banned. www.WeNeedPaul.com Facebook Page is “W…

Please understand that any of District Chairs and Bonus votes and other Party officials can be REMOVED from their State Central Committees or other offices for joining this group or otherwise promoting a candidate for office in a party not their own.

As the founder of this group, I’m most likely going to have to resign from my own position on the State Central Committee of the Alaska Republican Party. It’s worth it to me to make a stand for Liberty, but it’s a risk to consider. I do not want to see us lose all the progress we have made in the Republican or other parties, so I hope most people with hard won positions will keep them, and let the rest of us campaign for Liberty, Peace, and Sound Money.

Elle’s Plan on Organizing and Spreading the Word: Facebook, Daily Paul, WeNeedPaul.com, Meetup Groups

Read this for tips on how to get the message out there. We need everyone who is willing to lobby Doctor Paul and other willing people. Tell him you support him and that We Still Need him. Four more years might be too late.

Evan Alaska

Here are some of Elle Black‘s ideas for organizing. Feel free to run with these in any positive direction: Hi Evan,
The following is not edited. Hopefully you get the idea. I am very serious about this, as I believe you are as well. I know others who are still serious too, they just need to be re-engaged. If you want to do this I will help.

I firmly believe that a GJ/RP ticket has a chance of winning, OR at very least getting into the debates.
To get RP to agree to this I think he needs to see an out-pouring of support- 2007 style. The only thing that I see holding us back is the fatigue and depression being experienced by so many Ron Paul supporters after being cheated and marginalized for the last 5 years. If we can break through that and regain even just a portion of the exuberance from 2007 WE CAN SHAKE THE WORLD. By doing the following we will concurrently show Paul we’re serious AND get the word out at the same time.

The Website must be catchy, easy to use, inspiring! WeNeedPaul.com is a great start, needs more color/pizzaz. (Do you have a website guy, I could offer some quick design ideas if you like but my html is way too rusty for me to be of use.) The points of what we are trying to do-and how it would work- have to be simply stated, on the front page.

Rekindle the fire- Need good slogan, go viral. We need an army of people to post ALL OVER DAILY PAUL!! Daily Paul is crumbling, focus is gone. As the biggest Ron Paul site in the world we need to get them back on board-and it can be done, but we need many people posting all over the site EVERY DAY. The moderators there must feel the urgency of the situation, and cover it on the site accordingly.

Simple message of how GJ/RP ticket could win, with poll results etc. Also address that even not winning, getting into the debates would have intense and far reaching effects.

Put to rest concerns about getting on the ballot. Even if there were some states where they weren’t on the ballot, the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of supporters in those states could pour their energy into all the other States where they are on the ballot- can easily be done via computer or phone! (see below) Each one of those supporters could get 5 MORE votes in another State.

Address the “anti-Gary Johnson” folks, respectfully. There are a few issues and they must be addressed one by one, not glossed over or ignored.

Get the message out there Nationally as well as Globally.

Press releases to ALL media outlets (compile list of reporters who have covered RP articles/news in the past first): Local & National papers, Patch, RT, HuffPo, etc. Get concise hard hitting video on all Community TV stations (might be tricky, I don’t know if they allow political “ads”, but could easily be done as an informational piece).

Have an army of grassroots activists posting in online comment sections of newspapers/TV shows EVERY DAY! Ditto Facebook

Calls in to talk radio all over the country 24/7

Outreach to the Meetup groups- multiple contacts from different people all on the same day would be the most effective, would create a viral feeling- “wow lots of people are talking about this, it must be big!”.

Get non-computer volunteers on board- a HUGE number of supporters are barely on the internet, if at all! Many of them are retired and have plenty of time on their hands! First of all figure out how to get ahold of them- Then get them on the phones, first to other non-computer people then to radio shows etc. Get them handing out info at events/farmers markets, at lines outside the movie theater! Get out where the people are!

All of these tasks must be organized and orchestrated to be effective in the shortest amount of time.


Identify someone (or a few people) who are very fired up and on-board from each State to organize and “delegate” the above tasks to meetup groups in that State. Come up with a simplified list of top priority tasks, in order of importance so that volunteers can easily plug in and get started IMEDIATELY. Divide the “computer” people from the “non-computer” people, get the non-computer people engaged first as they are the most difficult to get a hold of.

Have a few people working on Global level- I believe this is important, as if this message can get out there we can have supporters all over the world helping-even though they can’t vote.

2nd Example:

Have people in charge of different tasks- ie one person (or a few) in charge of talk radio, and another person in charge of HuffPo. They would compile all the relevant information and disseminate it with contact info/links to the waiting volunteers.

I haven’t thought yet about which is the best way to go- If you’re on board with it we can iron out those details.


Very Important Update on Evan Alaska Conference Call: Now Tuesday Instead of Monday.

I rescheduled our teleconference to Tuesday so as not to conflict with Gary Johnson’s teleconference today.

This Teleconference is to organize an effort to recruit Dr. Ron Paul back into the race for President or Vice President in 2012.

The next call is Tuesday at:

5:00 PM ALASKA TIME That is:

6:00 PM Pacific – 7:00 PM Mountain – 8:00 PM Central – 9:00 PM Eastern

If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1200

Participant access code: 811476

We now have a simulcast-Live-stream of today’s conference call set up, thanks to Leandrah Grace. If you can’t afford to call in, just go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/holistictruth/2012/09/07/ht-live-special-edition–drafting-ron-paul-to-stay and tune in!

Please understand that any of District Chairs and Bonus votes and other Party officials can be REMOVED from their State Central Committees or other offices for joining this group or otherwise promoting a candidate for office in a party not their own.

As the founder of this group, I’m most likely going to have to resign from my own position on the State Central Committee of the Alaska Republican Party. It’s worth it to me to make a stand for Liberty, but it’s a risk to consider. I do not want to see us lose all the progress we have made in the Republican or other parties, so I hope most people with hard won positions will keep them, and let the rest of us campaign for Liberty, Peace, and Sound Money.

Updates first, then details on the conference.

Wednesday Update:

First, we have set up a new webpage and a facebook group. Neither are perfect, but they are open.

The website is www.WeNeedPaul.com.

The facebook group is “We Need Paul” https://www.facebook.com/groups/175410095927687/

Wednesday Message from Evan Alaska:

Hello Everyone, People keep expressing that they want Dr. Paul for President or Nothing. They get upset about the idea of him going for VP. They want write in candidacy. And so on.

After fighting for Dr. Paul in 2008 and again in 2012, I completely understand those feelings. I want him for President too! I was an Alaska National Alternate Delegate for him in 2008, organized the 2008 Alaska Ron Paul Delegates Meetup.

I also ran a 2008 effort called the National DVDs for Delegates Project, where a team of hundreds of volunteers nationwide made DVDs expressly targeted at National Delegates and got them mailed to each of the 4,600+ Delegates and Alternates before the 2008 RNC.

This year I organized the Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012 group, and we made major successes, despite massive corruption in the leadership of our Alaska Republican Party, we won major progress, including the new Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and by luck the Assistant Secretary positions. Our new leadership is seated in February.

The problem with the path people keep asking about–getting Dr. Paul to be a Presidential Candidate, regardless of party, write-in or Independent is two fold.

First, the filing deadlines for new parties, Independents, and Write Ins are expired in (as of Tuesday) all but 4 states.

Second, the “Sore Loser” laws prohibit a candidate from running for President after loosing a Primary in enough states to make it nearly impossible to win. The Libertarian Party could make such a change if both Governor Johnson and Judge Gray dropped out…BUT–the sore loser laws would mean that a substantial number of states would disqualify the ballot–and there would have to be many simultaneous court cases trying to stop that. That is why I keep aiming for the VP position. The sore loser laws say you can’t run for the Same office (e.g. president) after losing a primary. But in all but one state, from what I was told, he could run for Vice President– A Different Office.

If Richard Gilbert wins his cases, this situation could change overnight, and I hope it does, but it feels unlikely. I’m inviting him to join our call as a guest tomorrow evening to let him brief everyone on how his two cases are proceeding.

Ron Paul needs to hear from people this week!

Email Congressman Ron Paul


Offices of Ron Paul Open this week Tuesday through Friday

203 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone Number: (202) 225-2831

122 West Way, Suite 301
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
Phone Number: (979) 285-0231

1501 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 229
Victoria, TX 77904
Phone Number: (361) 576-1231

Ron Paul, Please Run as an Independent or Libertarian

13,644 signatures as of Monday 4:08pm central
15,787 signatures as of Tuesday 6:51pm central

Go to: www.RonPaul2012.net and sign! Then invite 10 friends to sign!

Big push for a Ron Paul 2012 Independent/Third Party run: we need 20,000 signatures by Tuesday!

6:11 PM PST Jay Leno Show Recording Update:
Daniel Palmer, one of our Alaska Activists just reported to me after leaving the recording for Ron Paul’s appearance on the Jay Leno Show that:
1) Dr. Paul will not be endorsing any Presidential Candidates.
2) Dr. Paul has no intention of running third party.
3) Dr. Paul is working preparing for 2016.

My Response: We still need to change Dr. Paul’s mind! Draft Dr. Paul! Come to the Thursday Teleconference to Discuss How!


Tuesday Afternoon Update:

Ron Paul on Jay Leno Tonight – We have some Delegates in the studio audience during the taping right now (3:30 PM PST).

The site www.RonPaul2012.net was offline a bit today, but is back up. Sign and get your friends to sign. 2,000 new signatures in a day is great, but not enough!

I was contacted by two County Organizers for Ron Paul in Florida this morning. They say they have a Billionaire who will pledge a vast portion of his fortune to help any Presidential Candidate who will sign a campaign pledge stating what they will do in office, and promising to report progress and take responsibility for success or failure in the first year.

Romney and Obama have turned down his offer, and while the Billionaire was introduced to Rand Paul at the Sun Dome this weekend, he has not yet heard back from Dr. Paul. I forwarded the contact information to Dr. Paul via email and left a message at his home this morning. I also put those people in direct touch with the General Counsel for the Gary Johnson Campaign. I’ll share more information on this on Thursday’s call.

Many people have contacted me in the past few days. There is much information to share on Thursday’s call.

Our Team Liberty Alaska volunteers are working hard and we are almost ready to open our new website and Facebook Group. I’ll post the links as soon as possible–tonight, or in the early morning.

We’ve had over 100 new requests to join our Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012 Facebook group. However, we only accept Alaskans in that group, so as to keep our communications there private. The new facebook group for everyone in this effort will be open to ALL who wish to join, though negative people will be promptly banned.

Thank you to all who have taken up this call to Draft Dr. Paul to stay in the race! And to the many people who are each helping in their own way. I’ll post more updates as they are available.


Monday Update: I have it on high authority with the Libertarian Campaign that they are open to Dr. Paul as VP, and will poll their state organizers, leaders and executive committee to make sure there is agreement, should Dr. Paul accept our plea.

In the meantime, our efforts to try to win Dr. Paul’s support are not in vain.

Dr. Paul will have to let the Libertarian Party know of his interest ASAP due to certain ballot access timing restrictions–please encourage him to stand tall and soon. I’ll add a list of things to do to this post a bit later today.

Also, the response has been so overwhelming that we have created a team of trusted activists from our work here in Alaska to help improve the communications. We will soon have a website up with all the best and most up to date information, as well as a Facebook Group just for this effort. Look for another update here tonight with email, phone, and website information.

I’ll copy a letter I sent to Dr. Paul today, so you can see my own message. Everyone has a different view of course, and you are entitled to it, with mutual respect.

In the meantime, the vast majority of feedback I’m getting from Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, and Independents alike is that this is a worthy and widely supported effort, so it will continue.

Pessimists, and others who disagree, we understand and respect your doubts and concerns, but we are going to keep trying, because it feels right. It is a free society, and we are doing what we can to preserve and spread the message of Liberty now, not 4 years from now.

Thank you to everyone who is positive and working on this option! Keep recruiting more!

PS It’s Labor day today, so be patient with calls–you will get through to Dr. Paul’s offices better tomorrow.

Sunday Night Update: The Sunday Call had 1804 callers, according to the call detail. The room only holds 1,000 people, so some people got disconnected and they called back or were displaced. There is clearly wide demand for this effort.

If you would like to hear the Sunday night teleconference, the contact info is below:

For those who missed the call and would like to hear it, here is the playback number. You can call in and replay the entire two hour call. Conference Playback Information
Playback Number: (559) 726-1299
Access Code: 811476

The next (second) call is Thursday at:

5:00 PM ALASKA TIME That is:
6:00 PM Pacific
7:00 PM Mountain
8:00 PM Central
9:00 PM Eastern, for those who might be confused. I apologize for any mistakes made in earlier announcements.

As posted before, I spoke with Dr. Paul Saturday about continuing the fight by running on a third party ticket. I will continue to share what he said to me and let you know what needs to be done to make this happen. It can happen, but it’s going to take some work. If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1200

Participant access code: 811476

We will also have at least one live stream over the Internet for those who can’t attend by phone, and will again record the call for people who can’t make it.

Monday Night Conference Call

Just a reminder that Evan Cutler will be holding another teleconference this tomorrow, Monday.

5 PM Alaska Time

6 PM  Pacific Time

7 PM Mountain Time

8 PM Central Time

9 PM Eastern Time

The number is (559) 726-1299 and the access code is 811476.

I do not think there have been any major updates. So far as I know, the LP, including some of its leadership are receptive to the idea of Ron Paul as VP. And apparently that includes Jim Gray, the current VP nominee. And there is still time to petition Doctor Paul to consider contacting the LP. Although, since the first ballots will be printed on September 22nd, it is not all that much time. I did hear from one person that some ballot deadlines are already passed. I have been unable to confirm this.

And as always, be sure to check out weneedpaul.com and its facebook group for updates.

Listen to the Thursday Night Conference Call

To hear the most recent conference call, you can go here.


Or you can look at my brief transcript.

There will be another call on Monday night, same time. In the mean time, Contact Congressman Paul and the Johnson Team.

Evan Alaska Second Conference Call. Brief Transcript.

I called into Evan Cutler’s conference call beginning at 5 PM Alaska time 9 PM Eastern time. It was under an hour and a half. I tried to get on so I could mention my website, but he only took nine callers.

Here is my brief transcription. I didn’t have the ability to write everything, so much of what is here is a short version with plenty of paraphrasing. I apologize if I got ahything wrong, especially caller’s names.

I dialed 559 726 1200 and then access code 811476 for the call.

Begin transcript

Evan is speaking.
Gives background on last conference call.
Mentions ore loser laws and lawsuits that could be brought against Paul if he ran for president as an independent.
Only four states have not had their Independent run deadline passed.
Write-in is a possibility but some states have their deadlines passed and other just do not allow it.
Richard Gilbert is challenging these write in laws.
Paul could run for a different office, namely vice president without facing sore loser lawsuits.
Ron Paul should stay in the race, regardless of what he runs as or who he runs for.
He didn’t actually say he wouldn’t run on the Jay Leno show. He was diplomatic, as usual.
Go to ronpaul2012.net and sign the petition. There are at least 17,319 so far.
Ballots have to be printed by September 22nd, which gives us a maximum of two weeks to convince Paul to run. More like a week and a half because there are things that need to be done between the time he decides and the ballots are printed.
Evan says he has spoken to the legal counsel for the Gary Johnson Campaign and other LP high ranking officials. They indicate to him that the Johnson team will make room for Paul if he approaches them in time.
Gary Johnson polls at about 5% nationally. He needs 15% to get into the debates. Paul on the ticket would help him to get these numbers.
We should each recruit at least 10 more people to sign petition and call, telegram, and email Paul.
Ron Paul’s three congressional offices tell people to call the campaign office. The campaign office, when it answers, tells people to send emails to Paul.
Get the word out in your neighborhood and on copy shop bulletin boards.
We don’t have four more years to get our liberty back.
The Constitution party can’t get on the ballot in many states. Only has access in 25.
Libertarian party on 43 ballots, expecting to get on all 50, but not Washington DC.
In the end, even if there is a mismatch of who’s on what ballot, it all comes down to electors.
The LP plans on doing some internal polling.
One concern about Gary Johnson was his mention that he might intervene in foreign countries for humanitarian purposes. The example he gave was Kony in Uganda.
Gary is standing up and speaking for the things we stand for:
Ending the Fed
Getting rid of the IRS
Discontinuing the Drug War
Cutting back the DHS and TSA
Privacy and the Bill of Rights
If Ron Paul were VP he would have Gary’s ear. He would also be President of the Senate.

Evan is going to resign from his local GOP position.

First caller: Jim in Cincinnati. Asks if Evan really has to resign and then gives examples of people in similar situations not having to resign, such as “Republicans for Johnson” in 1964. Also wonders if VP is best position for Paul. Evan says VP position is best for Paul because it maximizes access and minimizes legal problems.

Second caller: Gregory. The LP WILL be on the ballot in DC. Affirms that LP will likely be on all ballots, including Oklahoma. If pollers ask you who you plan on voting for say Gary Johnson, even if you are not sure yet, so that he can get the numbers to get in the debates.

Third caller: “Shotgun” Susie in Louisiana. A delegate. Calls Romney a “bastard”. We should all join the LP en masses. Encourage Paul to do the same. Gives some Louisiana GOP updates. Says to make this JohnsonPaul thing go viral ion the net.

Fourth caller: Hope. Is confused on strategy. Says that Gary said that if Paul wanted a specific cabinet position, he could have it, but at that time made no mention of VP position. Also, on Jay Leno, Paul said he probably would not run. Evan says that Paul hasn’t quite ruled it out either, as he did not specifically say no on the phone with Evan on Saturday. We have to campaign strongly and powerfully to convince him. We need Paul to continue to educate people. About things like sound money and the Federal Reserve. He could do this if he ran for VP. Paul needs to capitalize on his momentum. We need people from all parties. Paul will not run unless we convince him to. The LP says that Johnson team is willing. Jim Gray is willing to step down. Some LP may not want Paul, but many more do. Paul is surrounded by people in his campaign trying to convince him to focus on 2016. Most people are fed up with his campaign team. Hope asks if Evan is thinking about strategies to deal with election fraud, that is the powers that be rigging elections as opposed to voter fraud which is people trying to vote more than once or keep others from voting. Evan says that election fraud does happen. And that we should get rid of computers, or at least of closed-source systems for counting votes. Maybe people should volunteer to count votes.

Fifth caller: Cheryl in Cincinnati. Gives shout out to Ben Swann. Thanks Evan for putting this on. Says Obama and Romney are going to be tearing each other up in the next couple months so this is the perfect opportunity for the LP and Paul to join forces. Asks what Paul knows about the conference calls and related efforts. And if maybe Gary should phone Ron personally. As do such men as Jesse Ventura, Vince Vaughn, and Ben Swann. Evan gives out his website, weneedpaul.com, and We Need Paul facebook group. Says that we need tens of thousands of people. Received a call from people in Florida saying that there is a billionaire willing to back Johnson and might be receptive to JohnsonPaul as well. Richard Gilbert (of Lawyers for Ron Paul) thinks it would be better to try to reverse the primary election and convention results, as well as overturn anti-write-in laws, than for Paul to run for VP slot on LP ticket, which is why he is not positive about this effort. Evan disagrees and says that overturning laws and elections would be hard and would take too long to benefit anyone. Cheryl says that she will contact Ben Swann about the possibility of JohnsonPaul.

Sixth caller: Linda. Talks about Rex’s points from Monday night conference call, specifically that we shouldn’t be trying to disenfranchise LP voters. Judge Gray is a decent guy. So if this JohnsonPaul thing doesn’t work out, we should vote for JohnsonGray anyways and hope Paul gets position as Treasury Secretary. Evan says again that what he is advocating is different and disenfranchises no one. We are asking Gray to weigh the arguments himself, perhaps talk to his base, and then decide of his own volition. We should all vote our conscience, regardless. Make sure you go to all the Ron Paul sites and spread the word. Links to this call, which is being broadcast will be posted on the facebook page. There will be another conference call on Monday.

Seventh caller: Scott in DeKalb Illinois. The problem with ronpaul2012.net is that it does not work properly in all web browsers. Evan says that the site has 30,000 likes but only 17,000 some signatures. New email to reach Alaskans for Ron Paul in their effort to get Paul to stay in race is teamlibertyak@gmail.com. Scott talks about using secure sites and html instead of javascript. Whatever happens in this election may not matter at all because the powers that be already have their plan. Initially thought that Romney would rather throw the election to Obama than risk Ron Paul getting in and destroying the status quo, but now suspects something even nefarious is afoot. We should try to expose the truth. Evan says we should try to buy adds on Tv and the internet. Letters to the editor. Evan mentions that he has the flu and will only take a few more callers.

Eighth caller: Maria in Fairbanks Alaska. Asks Evan if he has a YouTube channel. Says we should all call our friends. We are still an isolated group trying to do this. Get it to the college campuses and Youth for Liberty organizations

Ninth caller: Did not catch name. A woman. Says something about navigating through the Gary Johnson and Ron Paul websites. Biggest concern is not to step on any Libertarians’ toes. Paul also seems like he doesn’t want to do step on toes. Either in the LP or his own party. He didn’t endorse Gary Johnson on the Tonight Show because of this and because he knows we can think for ourselves. Gives background about how she was a disaffected Democrat and just came across Paul on her own, and he gave her a crash course in economics and liberty. Was also a delegate to her state convention but was passed over in favor of a Santorum slate. Evan reiterates that Jim Gray is willing to step aside. Evan also understands that some people might feel marginalized because he too worked so hard and sometimes had it thrown back in his face. And that all we are asking of Ron Paul is to work hard for two more months. Even if it is just to get the message out and wake up a few more people. But stranger things have happened. A JohnsonPaul ticket might end up winning. The Berlin Wall came down and no one got shot. The Soviet Empire crumbled and there was no civil war. Caller jokes that we should get Snooki on our side and she should put on Ron Paul shorts. Imagine! Snooki’s ass! And get Hollywood involved too. Be sure to avoid trolls online. And if your views don’t align with Johnson’s, don’t feel obligated to vote for him. We all understand. Continues with some personal anecdotes before getting off the line.

Evan reads the poem from the beginning of the Monday night conference call again.
Let’s do this. Spread the word. Another conference call will be held on Monday at this same time.

Evan Alaska First Conference Call. Brief Transcript.

Just listened to the entire 2 plus hour recording of the Monday night Evan Alaska conference call. I did call in when it was live, but only caught the last 45 minutes.

Here is my brief transcription. I didn’t have the ability to write everything, so much of what is here is a short version with plenty of paraphrasing. I apologize if I got ahything wrong, especially caller’s names.

I dialed 559 726 1299 (for the recording; the conference number is 559 7261200) and then access code 811476 for the recording.

Begin transcript

Evan: 300 people on the call right now. 600 people are signed in [there was a total of 1800 throughout the call, not all on at once].

Talked to Doctor Paul (has his number because he was a delegate/organizer from 2008)

Read a poem about achieving the improbable.

Talked a little about his background as a 2008 delegate from Alaska as well as the Alaska Republican Party’s shenanigans in 2012.

States that Ron Paul said he was no longer a Republican. [WHich is not what really happened].

In his call with Paul he asked him about a third party run. Paul said he had not ruled it out but was not thinking that he would.

Mentions LP rules. Says there is a willingness on the LP’s part to accept Paul on their ticket ifJim Gray bows out and Paul also indicates willingness. May have to amend bylaws.

We should lobby Ron Paul via his phone numbers, addresses, website,and the ronpaul2012.net petition.

Washington Office: 202 225 2831 9 to 6 PM eastern, Monday through Friday

Lake Jackson Office: 979 285 0231 hours?

Victoria Office: 361 576 1231 hours?

If we talk to anyone we should make sure they know our party affiliation be it Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent

Washington Office: 203 Cannon House Office Building Washington DC 20515

Lake Jackson Office: 122 West Way Suite 30 Lake Jackson Texas 77566

http://www.paul.house.gov>contact form>write letter>submit

Evan tried an open conference but had to switch to q and a mode because open conference was too chaotic.

First caller: Clayton. Republican from Texas. Student in Utah. Mentioned possible Romney campaign fund fraud. Says the best way to get the word out for Johnson Paul ticket is through local news stations.

Second caller: Phoebe. Republican from Texas. Asked for Evan to post Ron Paul contact info to alaskansforronpaul2012.com. Evan mentions another conference call scheduled for Thursday at 5PM Alaska time, that 9 PM Eastern. Phoebe asks if Ron sounded like he didn’t want to jeopardize Rand’s future presidential aspirations or senate career. Evan says Ron was more concerned about support and funds as to questions of running third party.

Third caller: Robert from Bridgeport Connecticut. Mentions that someone should be posting weekly talking points for spreading the word and contacting LP and Ron Paul.

Fourth caller: Did not catch name. Woman from Nevada. Says she was in touch with a group that would do a full online marketing campaign for $500,000 and proved that they could by getting a press release on the top of yahoo news. She and another woman already had access to $50,000. Mentions a write-in campaign for Paul won’t work. Lawyers fro Ron Paul law suit not over yet. Hopefully something good comes of that. Also corrects Evan and says that Ron Paul never stated he was no longer a Republican. Urges people who are in the GOP to stay in, especially if they are already delegates, but to still support a Johnson Paul ticket. The marketing group is called ourvoicecounts.com. It should be posted on Evan’s event page.

Fifth caller: Bryan. Urges people to volunteer to be precinct committee members. Brings up Jay Leno show.

Sixth caller: Man. Last name Capone. From Massachusetts. Says “Americans Elect” no longer viable. Asks who in LP Evan spoke with regarding picking up Paul for their ticket. Evan contacted Jim Gray. No response yet. Also spoke with guy one step away from chief LP organizer. Gary Johnson said that the only reason he ran was because he thought Paul would not be nominated.

Seventh caller: Jonathan. Candidate in Texas. Asks if the GOP will be mad at Liberty republican candidates who back Paul on a third party ticket so much so that Liberty Republicans don’t win against the Democrat in November or future races. Asks how to deal with this if it happens. He backs the third party ticket but has concerns. Evan says to follow conscience, win or lose.

Eighth caller: Mark in Alaska. Had been elected twice as a Republican. Doesn’t care about repercussion in the GOP for not supporting Romney. We must not vote for Romney. Says he has lost all hope of changing the GOP at the national level after seeing what went on in Tampa. Lost his re-election thanks to “corrupt bastards.” Thanks all delegates for putting up with the abuse down in Tampa.

Ninth caller: Tay (?) Addressing Jonathan: Repercussions won’t be there because party voters (the people Jonathan was worried about) will vote along party lines even if they don’t particularly like their candidate, but it is the Ron Paul grassroots, his base that he should be concerned about alienating. If he and others betray them it is they who will stay home or vote for someone else. Asks Evan to post Gary Johnson campaign’s phone number.

Tenth caller: Joseph. Mentions a post on the Daily Paul by Israel Anderson that says he spoke with Doug Wead. Doug Wead tells him that there is zero chance Paul will run as a Libertarian. Evan claims that Paul sounded receptive to the idea, though.

Eleventh caller: Gabrielle. Addressing Jonathan: You can still be a registered Republican and vote for someone else. We should all vote for local candidates but we do not have to support Romney.

Twelfth caller: June (?). A man. Oklahoma Libertarian. On lobbying Ron Paul: we should generate media excitement. Write letters to the editor. Lobby the LP. The nominees don’t choose their running mates, the LP does. So if Gray resigns, the LP could pick Paul. Says to Lobby Libertarian National Committee. Says he will post LP email and phone numbers to Evan’s event page.

Thirteenth caller: David from Minnesota. Says he has $50,000 on the line for a 2014 Congressional run. The Republican party cannot discount us. Stay involved with the GOP. We are not going anywhere.

Fourteenth caller: Nicki from Wisconsin. Asks if Ron Paul signed anything saying he wouldn’t run third party. Evan says he didn’t think so. Also that Paul’s concerns about running had more to do with getting support and ruining progress he had made than it did with his view of the LP. Nicki asks if we should lobby the LP to put Paul at the top of the ticket. Evan says probably not because of the sore loser laws and if Johnson steps down Gray would just move up. So they would both have to resign and the LP would have to amend its bylaws. We should let the LP decide what works best for it and its membership. Nicki asks whether Paul is still a Republican. Evan says that this rumor is probably just a media distortion. Nicki says that Paul Ryan is her Congressman and that her husband is going to run for his spot. She asks for advice for her husband. Evan gives her his email address.

Fifteenth caller: Mick (on youtube as r11110000). Be active online. Don’t forget YouTube. Johnson speech at We are the Future Rally is there.

Sixteenth caller: Chris. Democrat from Indiana. hard for him to support Johnson but says he will back him if that is what it takes. The Paul people should stick together, but don’t have to abandon their respective parties. Promotes a national third party unity day.

Seventeenth caller: Name not mentioned. Asks how the Libertarian nominees, regardless of who they are, get into the presidential debates. Evan says that the easiest way to get the polling numbers required is if Ron Paul is on the ticket.

Eighteenth caller: Jason. Alternate delegate from Texas. Says that when Lincoln won he ran as a third party candidate. Says that Jesse Benton screwed us over and that if Paul goes through with this his campaign should consist of fully vetted people. Also, in order to combat voter fraud, Gary or Ron should recommend people as poll watchers. In order to convince them to run together we should pledge to them that we will be poll watchers.

Nineteenth caller: Sheila (?). Asks if Evan and Paul specifically talked about Paul running with Johnson. Evan says yes. Sheila asks why anyone should be concerned about ticking off the GOP which has shown that it really doesn’t care about doing the same to us. Evan says that some of us are in the GOP and WE care. It is not all or nothing. Use the GOP. Sheila says a lot of people think it takes a majority to win, but all we need to do is force a tie in the electoral college. Evan says people should become electors. Even if Paul is not on every ballot, electors can vote their conscience.

Twentieth caller: Anthony. Republican from Pennsylvania. Says Ron Paul is still a Republican and clears up rumors. On CNN Paul said “they are not my party”, meaning he doesn’t agree with everything they do, not that he was leaving. States that sore loser laws might apply to running as president and vice president. Evan thinks it just applies to president so Paul could run as someone’s vice president pick. Anthony asks how to change the GOP from within. Evan says start out by attending meetings and conventions and becoming delegates.

Twenty-first caller: Jose from Florida. We want to follow the rules because the GOP does not. But says he doesn’t mind voting third party even if it means losing his status within his local GOP. Evan says that an unjust oath is not a valid oath. No one knows what you do in the voting booth.

Twenty-second caller: Still Jose or someone whose name I didn’t catch? Asks if we should reach out to Ben Swann. Evan says we should do what we can. Call Ron Paul, Send the contact form, Convince him Draft him.

Twenty-second caller: Niamh (?). Doug Wead has a video that says the reason Paul did not go after Romney in the debates was because Romney threatened to drag Paul’s name through the mud. Wonders if this blackmail would still apply if Paul ran third party. Evan says that he doubts there is much Romney can do to taint Paul’s reputation.

Twenty-third caller: Michael in Texas. says he is known online as Michael O. Smith. Computers will count the votes. This could lead to fraud. Watch rigged election videos on YouTube.

Twenty-Fourth caller: ? Didn’t catch name. Off topic. Say the [GAO] Federal Reserve Audit. Says that 16 Trillion in bailouts.

Twenty-Fifth caller: Mike. Boston, Massachusetts. Has radio show called Two Hot Heads. Runs a Marijuana Fest on the Commons. Independent. Says not to worry about the establishment Republicans and to stay registered if you are one but to vote for JohnsonPaul. Get them in the debates. Evan says sometimes the improbable happens. Like the Berlin Wall or the Soviet Empire coming down without wars or people getting shot. Critical Mass.

Twenty-Sixth caller: Denise. Blog talk radio program called Global Voice 2012. Invites people to listen to Tuesday 8 PM interview with Richard Gilbert from Lawyers for Ron Paul. Says suit is still pending and indicates that it could render Romney ineligible. Evan says he hopes something good comes of it but doubts it will.

Twenty-seventh caller: Doug. The election might not go our way. Our next chance will be 2016, but only if Obama wins. 2020 if Romney wins. Evan says it would be hard to replace Romney if he is the incumbent. Doug shouts that this is an emergency. It is hard to keep people enthusiastic about Liberty for 16 years (presumably 2008 to 2024). States that Audit the Fed will be coming up in the Senate on September 12. If Harry Reid allows it to go to vote and it passes, what are the repercussions of us making a move on JohnsonPaul before that time? We don’t want to damage Paul’s signature legislation’s chances at passing. But if we make our move after it passes, we have that much more to back us up. Lets contact our Senators. Evan says we don’t have four more years, implying that it could be dangerous to wait any amount of time to make our move.

Twenty-eighth caller: Rex. Concerning the LP: A lot of people were disenfranchised in Tampa by the GOP. How do we turn around and do the same to the Libertarian voters? THey spent their time, their energy, and their money. EVan says that the difference is that we are simply petitioning Jim Gray to step down and Paul to take his place and the LP to allow it and to do so in the proper ways, while the GOP violated its own rules and cheated.

Twenty-ninth caller: Wanda (?). Republican from Kentucky. There should be one last money bomb for Ron Paul. What do we do if the election is rigged or Obama wins again? Evan says he doesn’t know.

Thirtieth caller: Maria in California. Paul’s Washington Office does not answer campaign related questions. In reference to Rex: Bylaws do not allow for changes of nominee unless one of the candidates voluntarily resign. Says she is an immigrant from the Netherlands and was a Kucinich type liberal. Then she heard about Ron Paul and found she agree with him about everything except economics. But she read up on things and learned she supported capitalism. Says that the GOP pretends they are capitalists so their non-capitalist policies get blamed by the Democrats on Capitalism. Austrian economics are better than the state capiatlism that both major parties support.

Thirty-first caller: Joseph. A radio host and delegate from Massachusetts. Republican. Says the Paul campaign has a $2 Million surplus that he might be able to use to help fund a third part run. Evan says that Romney has a $Billion but that we have grassroots and possible help from the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. Evan says he will personally contribute to the limit, something he had not done yet this year.

Thirty-second caller: Wayne. Patriot leader in Arkansas. Arkansas is receptive to third parties according to polling data. If Johnson can get 15% he can get in the debates. Between Obama and Romney, there is no anti-war candidate.

Thirty-third caller: Michael. Use alternative media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Thirty-fourth caller: Nick. A Chapter head and member of ANDAA. Says the founder of ANDAA has Jim Gray’s personal phone number which he will supply to Evan. The Rand Paul endorsement or Romney changed his view on things. Says that changes should be made at the local level. If a JohnsonPaul ticket doesn’t work out we will still have the grassroots and the local leadership.

Thirty-fifth caller: Travis in Sacramento, California. Says Reddit is a good way to spread the word. Ron Paul has 24,000 subscribers. Libertarian has 50,000 subscribers. And Gary Johnson has 5,000 subscribers. Suggests Johnson does an “ask me anything” session where he could be asked if he will run with Paul. Evan suggests that Paul do the same.

Thirty-sixth caller: Lee (?). Alternate. Tampa was demoralizing but now we are back home and angry. We are ready to continue the grassroots skirmishing. We will back Paul no matter what. If he decides not to run we respect that. If he decides to run we will support him. Even if Romney tries to sully his good name.

Thirty-seventh and last call: Lynn. Republican from Pennsylvania. Reverend. Lived in New Mexico when Gary Johnson was the Governor. If this whole thing does not work out, let us vote for Johnson anyways. Asks Evan if she can air the entire conference call on her blog talk radio program, Holistic Truth. Says that GOP didn’t even follow its own rules.

Evan: There will be another conference call on Thursday.