To All the Factions Here on Daily Paul

To All the Factions Here on Daily Paul.

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To those planning on voting for Johnson:

Gary Johnson can not get elected unless he gets into the debates. He can not get into the debates unless he gets 15% in three nation-wide polls. He can not reach 15% for a long enough period of time to span three separate polls unless he includes Ron Paul on his team or Ron Paul powerfully endorses him. I do not think either of these things will happen unless we continue to lobby Doctor Paul, Governor Johnson, Judge Gray, the Libertarian Party, and our friends who support Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, even if it means convincing them to change their minds. It is true that the Libertarian Presidential ticket could lose ballot access in a few states for just changing its Vice Presidential nominee. But the amount of support adding Ron Paul to the ticket could bring could offset this, especially if Gary Johnson made it into the debates. Additionally, lost ballot access need not follow, as a legal battle could end in the tickets favor. The Libertarian Party can not hold another convention, and thus may not be able to amend their by laws or pick another running mate, but there is one loophole in its bylaws that could allow them to change their Vice Presidential Pick. It would ultimately be up to the chair whether utilization of this loophole would stand.

To those planning on writing in Paul:

A Paul write-in will only have an impact if Richard Gilbert of Lawyers for Ron Paul wins his case to have states comply with his understanding of the Voting Rights Act, which is that anti-write-in laws are in violation. If he succeeds in doing this, I will be the first to congratulate his efforts and promote a write-in candidacy.

To those who would vote for a hypothetical JohnsonPaul if it were switched to a real PaulJohnson:

Many states have sore-loser laws meaning that Ron Paul can not run at the top of a ticket because he was in the Republican Primary and lost (albeit through the cheating of the Romney team and other assorted establishment cabals). I personally would favor a Ron Paul Gary Johnson ticket over a Gary Johnson Ron Paul ticket, with good reason. But this would cause several law suits. The ones won would be costly, perhaps counter-productive, and the ones lost would result in loss of ballot access.

To everyone:

There is only until about Monday the 17th to lobby Ron Paul to contact the Libertarian Party about his intentions to join their ticket. This idea has been well-received by high-ranking Libertarian Party officials on the state, national, and campaign levels. They are somewhat indecisive to be sure, and though they will try to make this work if Ron Paul contacts them, they make no promises, and the likelihood of a GJ/RP ticket happening decreases with each passing day.

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