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Make Up Your Own Mind. You Are An Individual. But Here’s What Ron Paul Said Anyways.

Ron Paul said of Gary Johnson, “I think he’s wonderful and I think he’s doing a good job and people should look at him — and every individual should make up their own mind!”

I think April has something here. Paul might even have been doing it at a subconscious level. He’s just that honest.

An Instance of Ron Paul Third Party Arises in Kansas – Lew Rockwell

Reform Party of Kansas Offered Ron Paul Their Presidential Ballot Line

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

In such a hyper-Republican state, it might not make a difference. In any event, Ron neither encourages nor opposes such efforts, meaning he would sign no election forms.

September 7, 2012

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. [send him mail], former editorial assistant to Ludwig von Mises and congressional chief of staff to Ron Paul, is founder and chairman of the Mises Institute, literary executor for the estate of Murray N. Rothbard, and editor of LewRockwell.com. See his books.

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Salvatore Fanara on the Evan Alaska Conference Call, the R3volution, Sreading the Word, and Being a Dreamer

Here is Mr. Fanara, whose facebook post I appropriated the other day.

Thank you for your kind followup to my comment and for considering my points something worth sharing. Like many have done on the call I thank you for your time and dedication to the cause of liberty and it will continue to require our efforts spreading the same message to our fellow Americans. I too don’t know where this will lead or what a post Ron Paul ReLOVEution would look like, I am aware many will need a charismatic leader to be awakened to the same messages we’ve been awakened to, but the fact that we’ll be on our own in years to come remains and the message won’t lose validity because it is no longer being spread across the country by a charismatic figure.

The principle of advertising would certainly help. Having Dr. Paul would be a catalyst to accelerate speed and extend the reach the liberty message, without it will be more difficult to spread, but we will have to continue to do all we can to allow it to be heard by fellow American who may be completely ignorant about it as I once was.

Many of us tend to become confrontational when it comes to exchanging different political beliefs (often not limited to politics) because they strongly believe in their current convictions. Despite the strong reaction of some, I don’t detest or hate them. I’ve been there myself, I learned that is a part of human nature and is an instinct of self preservation that triggers such immediate reactions. Responding in a similar way will not yield anything of value on either sides as one can only lead a horse to water, but can’t force the horse to drink it.

I needed some time myself to realize first and get rid then of the conditioning I had been subjected to for years. It’s not easy to admit to the indoctrinating brainwashing that came from multiple sources of influence year after year, and it’s even more difficult to learn to become immune to it. I take it one day at a time and I know that it will remain a constant work in progress. So, while I may strongly disagree with someone’s views and positions, I can never blame them for their convictions. Realization of the substance and implication of specific axioms will come in time but only by keeping an open mind, making conscious efforts to shift points of view, use critical thinking and reflection and maintaining a willingness to learn, without being afraid of questioning our own choices or our most engrained beliefs adjusting them as we progress through our learning experience and come to new degrees of awareness.

For instance even the very consistent Dr. Paul himself, changed his position on death penalty (incidentally I was glad he did so I wouldn’t have to disagree on that issue), by going through the very same process each of us has gone and continues to go through as we awakened to the message of liberty.

My hope is that in time, more of my beloved countrymen will come to the same realization and will eventually demand to take control of our common future, and we’ll live with one another thriving in peace building a truly free country in complete respect of each other’s liberties.

You may say I am a dreamer… but I’m not the only one (J. Lennon) :)

Sites To Visit To Effect A JohnsonPaul Ticket

If you want Ron Paul to consider staying in the race, perhaps by indicating his interest to the Libertarian Party in a Vice Presidential slot or a cabinet position, here is his contact form.

Here you can contact the Gary Johnson team and let them know your thoughts. Whether they should pick up Ron Paul as their VP pick or not.

Here is Evan Cutler’s website, which is not yet fully operational. Check it out to stay in the know.

In the mean time, your best spot for new information would be the site’s facebook group.

Information about the next Evan Alaska conference call, to be held this coming Monday.

The Alaskans for Ron Paul website.

You should also sign the petition urging Ron Paul to run third party or on the Libertarian Party ticket. Be sure to get ten friends to sign it and have each of them do the same.

Evan Alaska Second Conference Call. Brief Transcript.

I called into Evan Cutler’s conference call beginning at 5 PM Alaska time 9 PM Eastern time. It was under an hour and a half. I tried to get on so I could mention my website, but he only took nine callers.

Here is my brief transcription. I didn’t have the ability to write everything, so much of what is here is a short version with plenty of paraphrasing. I apologize if I got ahything wrong, especially caller’s names.

I dialed 559 726 1200 and then access code 811476 for the call.

Begin transcript

Evan is speaking.
Gives background on last conference call.
Mentions ore loser laws and lawsuits that could be brought against Paul if he ran for president as an independent.
Only four states have not had their Independent run deadline passed.
Write-in is a possibility but some states have their deadlines passed and other just do not allow it.
Richard Gilbert is challenging these write in laws.
Paul could run for a different office, namely vice president without facing sore loser lawsuits.
Ron Paul should stay in the race, regardless of what he runs as or who he runs for.
He didn’t actually say he wouldn’t run on the Jay Leno show. He was diplomatic, as usual.
Go to ronpaul2012.net and sign the petition. There are at least 17,319 so far.
Ballots have to be printed by September 22nd, which gives us a maximum of two weeks to convince Paul to run. More like a week and a half because there are things that need to be done between the time he decides and the ballots are printed.
Evan says he has spoken to the legal counsel for the Gary Johnson Campaign and other LP high ranking officials. They indicate to him that the Johnson team will make room for Paul if he approaches them in time.
Gary Johnson polls at about 5% nationally. He needs 15% to get into the debates. Paul on the ticket would help him to get these numbers.
We should each recruit at least 10 more people to sign petition and call, telegram, and email Paul.
Ron Paul’s three congressional offices tell people to call the campaign office. The campaign office, when it answers, tells people to send emails to Paul.
Get the word out in your neighborhood and on copy shop bulletin boards.
We don’t have four more years to get our liberty back.
The Constitution party can’t get on the ballot in many states. Only has access in 25.
Libertarian party on 43 ballots, expecting to get on all 50, but not Washington DC.
In the end, even if there is a mismatch of who’s on what ballot, it all comes down to electors.
The LP plans on doing some internal polling.
One concern about Gary Johnson was his mention that he might intervene in foreign countries for humanitarian purposes. The example he gave was Kony in Uganda.
Gary is standing up and speaking for the things we stand for:
Ending the Fed
Getting rid of the IRS
Discontinuing the Drug War
Cutting back the DHS and TSA
Privacy and the Bill of Rights
If Ron Paul were VP he would have Gary’s ear. He would also be President of the Senate.

Evan is going to resign from his local GOP position.

First caller: Jim in Cincinnati. Asks if Evan really has to resign and then gives examples of people in similar situations not having to resign, such as “Republicans for Johnson” in 1964. Also wonders if VP is best position for Paul. Evan says VP position is best for Paul because it maximizes access and minimizes legal problems.

Second caller: Gregory. The LP WILL be on the ballot in DC. Affirms that LP will likely be on all ballots, including Oklahoma. If pollers ask you who you plan on voting for say Gary Johnson, even if you are not sure yet, so that he can get the numbers to get in the debates.

Third caller: “Shotgun” Susie in Louisiana. A delegate. Calls Romney a “bastard”. We should all join the LP en masses. Encourage Paul to do the same. Gives some Louisiana GOP updates. Says to make this JohnsonPaul thing go viral ion the net.

Fourth caller: Hope. Is confused on strategy. Says that Gary said that if Paul wanted a specific cabinet position, he could have it, but at that time made no mention of VP position. Also, on Jay Leno, Paul said he probably would not run. Evan says that Paul hasn’t quite ruled it out either, as he did not specifically say no on the phone with Evan on Saturday. We have to campaign strongly and powerfully to convince him. We need Paul to continue to educate people. About things like sound money and the Federal Reserve. He could do this if he ran for VP. Paul needs to capitalize on his momentum. We need people from all parties. Paul will not run unless we convince him to. The LP says that Johnson team is willing. Jim Gray is willing to step down. Some LP may not want Paul, but many more do. Paul is surrounded by people in his campaign trying to convince him to focus on 2016. Most people are fed up with his campaign team. Hope asks if Evan is thinking about strategies to deal with election fraud, that is the powers that be rigging elections as opposed to voter fraud which is people trying to vote more than once or keep others from voting. Evan says that election fraud does happen. And that we should get rid of computers, or at least of closed-source systems for counting votes. Maybe people should volunteer to count votes.

Fifth caller: Cheryl in Cincinnati. Gives shout out to Ben Swann. Thanks Evan for putting this on. Says Obama and Romney are going to be tearing each other up in the next couple months so this is the perfect opportunity for the LP and Paul to join forces. Asks what Paul knows about the conference calls and related efforts. And if maybe Gary should phone Ron personally. As do such men as Jesse Ventura, Vince Vaughn, and Ben Swann. Evan gives out his website, weneedpaul.com, and We Need Paul facebook group. Says that we need tens of thousands of people. Received a call from people in Florida saying that there is a billionaire willing to back Johnson and might be receptive to JohnsonPaul as well. Richard Gilbert (of Lawyers for Ron Paul) thinks it would be better to try to reverse the primary election and convention results, as well as overturn anti-write-in laws, than for Paul to run for VP slot on LP ticket, which is why he is not positive about this effort. Evan disagrees and says that overturning laws and elections would be hard and would take too long to benefit anyone. Cheryl says that she will contact Ben Swann about the possibility of JohnsonPaul.

Sixth caller: Linda. Talks about Rex’s points from Monday night conference call, specifically that we shouldn’t be trying to disenfranchise LP voters. Judge Gray is a decent guy. So if this JohnsonPaul thing doesn’t work out, we should vote for JohnsonGray anyways and hope Paul gets position as Treasury Secretary. Evan says again that what he is advocating is different and disenfranchises no one. We are asking Gray to weigh the arguments himself, perhaps talk to his base, and then decide of his own volition. We should all vote our conscience, regardless. Make sure you go to all the Ron Paul sites and spread the word. Links to this call, which is being broadcast will be posted on the facebook page. There will be another conference call on Monday.

Seventh caller: Scott in DeKalb Illinois. The problem with ronpaul2012.net is that it does not work properly in all web browsers. Evan says that the site has 30,000 likes but only 17,000 some signatures. New email to reach Alaskans for Ron Paul in their effort to get Paul to stay in race is teamlibertyak@gmail.com. Scott talks about using secure sites and html instead of javascript. Whatever happens in this election may not matter at all because the powers that be already have their plan. Initially thought that Romney would rather throw the election to Obama than risk Ron Paul getting in and destroying the status quo, but now suspects something even nefarious is afoot. We should try to expose the truth. Evan says we should try to buy adds on Tv and the internet. Letters to the editor. Evan mentions that he has the flu and will only take a few more callers.

Eighth caller: Maria in Fairbanks Alaska. Asks Evan if he has a YouTube channel. Says we should all call our friends. We are still an isolated group trying to do this. Get it to the college campuses and Youth for Liberty organizations

Ninth caller: Did not catch name. A woman. Says something about navigating through the Gary Johnson and Ron Paul websites. Biggest concern is not to step on any Libertarians’ toes. Paul also seems like he doesn’t want to do step on toes. Either in the LP or his own party. He didn’t endorse Gary Johnson on the Tonight Show because of this and because he knows we can think for ourselves. Gives background about how she was a disaffected Democrat and just came across Paul on her own, and he gave her a crash course in economics and liberty. Was also a delegate to her state convention but was passed over in favor of a Santorum slate. Evan reiterates that Jim Gray is willing to step aside. Evan also understands that some people might feel marginalized because he too worked so hard and sometimes had it thrown back in his face. And that all we are asking of Ron Paul is to work hard for two more months. Even if it is just to get the message out and wake up a few more people. But stranger things have happened. A JohnsonPaul ticket might end up winning. The Berlin Wall came down and no one got shot. The Soviet Empire crumbled and there was no civil war. Caller jokes that we should get Snooki on our side and she should put on Ron Paul shorts. Imagine! Snooki’s ass! And get Hollywood involved too. Be sure to avoid trolls online. And if your views don’t align with Johnson’s, don’t feel obligated to vote for him. We all understand. Continues with some personal anecdotes before getting off the line.

Evan reads the poem from the beginning of the Monday night conference call again.
Let’s do this. Spread the word. Another conference call will be held on Monday at this same time.