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Elle’s Plan on Organizing and Spreading the Word: Facebook, Daily Paul, WeNeedPaul.com, Meetup Groups

Read this for tips on how to get the message out there. We need everyone who is willing to lobby Doctor Paul and other willing people. Tell him you support him and that We Still Need him. Four more years might be too late.

Evan Alaska

Here are some of Elle Black‘s ideas for organizing. Feel free to run with these in any positive direction: Hi Evan,
The following is not edited. Hopefully you get the idea. I am very serious about this, as I believe you are as well. I know others who are still serious too, they just need to be re-engaged. If you want to do this I will help.

I firmly believe that a GJ/RP ticket has a chance of winning, OR at very least getting into the debates.
To get RP to agree to this I think he needs to see an out-pouring of support- 2007 style. The only thing that I see holding us back is the fatigue and depression being experienced by so many Ron Paul supporters after being cheated and marginalized for the last 5 years. If we can break through that and regain even just a portion of the exuberance from 2007 WE CAN SHAKE THE WORLD. By doing the following we will concurrently show Paul we’re serious AND get the word out at the same time.

The Website must be catchy, easy to use, inspiring! WeNeedPaul.com is a great start, needs more color/pizzaz. (Do you have a website guy, I could offer some quick design ideas if you like but my html is way too rusty for me to be of use.) The points of what we are trying to do-and how it would work- have to be simply stated, on the front page.

Rekindle the fire- Need good slogan, go viral. We need an army of people to post ALL OVER DAILY PAUL!! Daily Paul is crumbling, focus is gone. As the biggest Ron Paul site in the world we need to get them back on board-and it can be done, but we need many people posting all over the site EVERY DAY. The moderators there must feel the urgency of the situation, and cover it on the site accordingly.

Simple message of how GJ/RP ticket could win, with poll results etc. Also address that even not winning, getting into the debates would have intense and far reaching effects.

Put to rest concerns about getting on the ballot. Even if there were some states where they weren’t on the ballot, the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of supporters in those states could pour their energy into all the other States where they are on the ballot- can easily be done via computer or phone! (see below) Each one of those supporters could get 5 MORE votes in another State.

Address the “anti-Gary Johnson” folks, respectfully. There are a few issues and they must be addressed one by one, not glossed over or ignored.

Get the message out there Nationally as well as Globally.

Press releases to ALL media outlets (compile list of reporters who have covered RP articles/news in the past first): Local & National papers, Patch, RT, HuffPo, etc. Get concise hard hitting video on all Community TV stations (might be tricky, I don’t know if they allow political “ads”, but could easily be done as an informational piece).

Have an army of grassroots activists posting in online comment sections of newspapers/TV shows EVERY DAY! Ditto Facebook

Calls in to talk radio all over the country 24/7

Outreach to the Meetup groups- multiple contacts from different people all on the same day would be the most effective, would create a viral feeling- “wow lots of people are talking about this, it must be big!”.

Get non-computer volunteers on board- a HUGE number of supporters are barely on the internet, if at all! Many of them are retired and have plenty of time on their hands! First of all figure out how to get ahold of them- Then get them on the phones, first to other non-computer people then to radio shows etc. Get them handing out info at events/farmers markets, at lines outside the movie theater! Get out where the people are!

All of these tasks must be organized and orchestrated to be effective in the shortest amount of time.


Identify someone (or a few people) who are very fired up and on-board from each State to organize and “delegate” the above tasks to meetup groups in that State. Come up with a simplified list of top priority tasks, in order of importance so that volunteers can easily plug in and get started IMEDIATELY. Divide the “computer” people from the “non-computer” people, get the non-computer people engaged first as they are the most difficult to get a hold of.

Have a few people working on Global level- I believe this is important, as if this message can get out there we can have supporters all over the world helping-even though they can’t vote.

2nd Example:

Have people in charge of different tasks- ie one person (or a few) in charge of talk radio, and another person in charge of HuffPo. They would compile all the relevant information and disseminate it with contact info/links to the waiting volunteers.

I haven’t thought yet about which is the best way to go- If you’re on board with it we can iron out those details.


Very Important Update on Evan Alaska Conference Call: Now Tuesday Instead of Monday.

I rescheduled our teleconference to Tuesday so as not to conflict with Gary Johnson’s teleconference today.

This Teleconference is to organize an effort to recruit Dr. Ron Paul back into the race for President or Vice President in 2012.

The next call is Tuesday at:

5:00 PM ALASKA TIME That is:

6:00 PM Pacific – 7:00 PM Mountain – 8:00 PM Central – 9:00 PM Eastern

If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1200

Participant access code: 811476

We now have a simulcast-Live-stream of today’s conference call set up, thanks to Leandrah Grace. If you can’t afford to call in, just go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/holistictruth/2012/09/07/ht-live-special-edition–drafting-ron-paul-to-stay and tune in!

Please understand that any of District Chairs and Bonus votes and other Party officials can be REMOVED from their State Central Committees or other offices for joining this group or otherwise promoting a candidate for office in a party not their own.

As the founder of this group, I’m most likely going to have to resign from my own position on the State Central Committee of the Alaska Republican Party. It’s worth it to me to make a stand for Liberty, but it’s a risk to consider. I do not want to see us lose all the progress we have made in the Republican or other parties, so I hope most people with hard won positions will keep them, and let the rest of us campaign for Liberty, Peace, and Sound Money.

Updates first, then details on the conference.

Wednesday Update:

First, we have set up a new webpage and a facebook group. Neither are perfect, but they are open.

The website is www.WeNeedPaul.com.

The facebook group is “We Need Paul” https://www.facebook.com/groups/175410095927687/

Wednesday Message from Evan Alaska:

Hello Everyone, People keep expressing that they want Dr. Paul for President or Nothing. They get upset about the idea of him going for VP. They want write in candidacy. And so on.

After fighting for Dr. Paul in 2008 and again in 2012, I completely understand those feelings. I want him for President too! I was an Alaska National Alternate Delegate for him in 2008, organized the 2008 Alaska Ron Paul Delegates Meetup.

I also ran a 2008 effort called the National DVDs for Delegates Project, where a team of hundreds of volunteers nationwide made DVDs expressly targeted at National Delegates and got them mailed to each of the 4,600+ Delegates and Alternates before the 2008 RNC.

This year I organized the Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012 group, and we made major successes, despite massive corruption in the leadership of our Alaska Republican Party, we won major progress, including the new Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and by luck the Assistant Secretary positions. Our new leadership is seated in February.

The problem with the path people keep asking about–getting Dr. Paul to be a Presidential Candidate, regardless of party, write-in or Independent is two fold.

First, the filing deadlines for new parties, Independents, and Write Ins are expired in (as of Tuesday) all but 4 states.

Second, the “Sore Loser” laws prohibit a candidate from running for President after loosing a Primary in enough states to make it nearly impossible to win. The Libertarian Party could make such a change if both Governor Johnson and Judge Gray dropped out…BUT–the sore loser laws would mean that a substantial number of states would disqualify the ballot–and there would have to be many simultaneous court cases trying to stop that. That is why I keep aiming for the VP position. The sore loser laws say you can’t run for the Same office (e.g. president) after losing a primary. But in all but one state, from what I was told, he could run for Vice President– A Different Office.

If Richard Gilbert wins his cases, this situation could change overnight, and I hope it does, but it feels unlikely. I’m inviting him to join our call as a guest tomorrow evening to let him brief everyone on how his two cases are proceeding.

Ron Paul needs to hear from people this week!

Email Congressman Ron Paul


Offices of Ron Paul Open this week Tuesday through Friday

203 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone Number: (202) 225-2831

122 West Way, Suite 301
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
Phone Number: (979) 285-0231

1501 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 229
Victoria, TX 77904
Phone Number: (361) 576-1231

Ron Paul, Please Run as an Independent or Libertarian

13,644 signatures as of Monday 4:08pm central
15,787 signatures as of Tuesday 6:51pm central

Go to: www.RonPaul2012.net and sign! Then invite 10 friends to sign!

Big push for a Ron Paul 2012 Independent/Third Party run: we need 20,000 signatures by Tuesday!

6:11 PM PST Jay Leno Show Recording Update:
Daniel Palmer, one of our Alaska Activists just reported to me after leaving the recording for Ron Paul’s appearance on the Jay Leno Show that:
1) Dr. Paul will not be endorsing any Presidential Candidates.
2) Dr. Paul has no intention of running third party.
3) Dr. Paul is working preparing for 2016.

My Response: We still need to change Dr. Paul’s mind! Draft Dr. Paul! Come to the Thursday Teleconference to Discuss How!


Tuesday Afternoon Update:

Ron Paul on Jay Leno Tonight – We have some Delegates in the studio audience during the taping right now (3:30 PM PST).

The site www.RonPaul2012.net was offline a bit today, but is back up. Sign and get your friends to sign. 2,000 new signatures in a day is great, but not enough!

I was contacted by two County Organizers for Ron Paul in Florida this morning. They say they have a Billionaire who will pledge a vast portion of his fortune to help any Presidential Candidate who will sign a campaign pledge stating what they will do in office, and promising to report progress and take responsibility for success or failure in the first year.

Romney and Obama have turned down his offer, and while the Billionaire was introduced to Rand Paul at the Sun Dome this weekend, he has not yet heard back from Dr. Paul. I forwarded the contact information to Dr. Paul via email and left a message at his home this morning. I also put those people in direct touch with the General Counsel for the Gary Johnson Campaign. I’ll share more information on this on Thursday’s call.

Many people have contacted me in the past few days. There is much information to share on Thursday’s call.

Our Team Liberty Alaska volunteers are working hard and we are almost ready to open our new website and Facebook Group. I’ll post the links as soon as possible–tonight, or in the early morning.

We’ve had over 100 new requests to join our Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012 Facebook group. However, we only accept Alaskans in that group, so as to keep our communications there private. The new facebook group for everyone in this effort will be open to ALL who wish to join, though negative people will be promptly banned.

Thank you to all who have taken up this call to Draft Dr. Paul to stay in the race! And to the many people who are each helping in their own way. I’ll post more updates as they are available.


Monday Update: I have it on high authority with the Libertarian Campaign that they are open to Dr. Paul as VP, and will poll their state organizers, leaders and executive committee to make sure there is agreement, should Dr. Paul accept our plea.

In the meantime, our efforts to try to win Dr. Paul’s support are not in vain.

Dr. Paul will have to let the Libertarian Party know of his interest ASAP due to certain ballot access timing restrictions–please encourage him to stand tall and soon. I’ll add a list of things to do to this post a bit later today.

Also, the response has been so overwhelming that we have created a team of trusted activists from our work here in Alaska to help improve the communications. We will soon have a website up with all the best and most up to date information, as well as a Facebook Group just for this effort. Look for another update here tonight with email, phone, and website information.

I’ll copy a letter I sent to Dr. Paul today, so you can see my own message. Everyone has a different view of course, and you are entitled to it, with mutual respect.

In the meantime, the vast majority of feedback I’m getting from Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, and Independents alike is that this is a worthy and widely supported effort, so it will continue.

Pessimists, and others who disagree, we understand and respect your doubts and concerns, but we are going to keep trying, because it feels right. It is a free society, and we are doing what we can to preserve and spread the message of Liberty now, not 4 years from now.

Thank you to everyone who is positive and working on this option! Keep recruiting more!

PS It’s Labor day today, so be patient with calls–you will get through to Dr. Paul’s offices better tomorrow.

Sunday Night Update: The Sunday Call had 1804 callers, according to the call detail. The room only holds 1,000 people, so some people got disconnected and they called back or were displaced. There is clearly wide demand for this effort.

If you would like to hear the Sunday night teleconference, the contact info is below:

For those who missed the call and would like to hear it, here is the playback number. You can call in and replay the entire two hour call. Conference Playback Information
Playback Number: (559) 726-1299
Access Code: 811476

The next (second) call is Thursday at:

5:00 PM ALASKA TIME That is:
6:00 PM Pacific
7:00 PM Mountain
8:00 PM Central
9:00 PM Eastern, for those who might be confused. I apologize for any mistakes made in earlier announcements.

As posted before, I spoke with Dr. Paul Saturday about continuing the fight by running on a third party ticket. I will continue to share what he said to me and let you know what needs to be done to make this happen. It can happen, but it’s going to take some work. If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1200

Participant access code: 811476

We will also have at least one live stream over the Internet for those who can’t attend by phone, and will again record the call for people who can’t make it.


Understand that I was posting it not to cast doubt on the idea of him running third party, but just on the write-in aspect. Although, if Richard Gilbert’s Lawsuit is successful, even a write-in campaign could be successful. In theory, if the lawsuit is successful, Romney could be unnominated, though this seems unlikely. Ron Paul spoke these words in 2008.

A Write-In Campaign for Ron Paul? No

June 16, 2008

A Write-In Campaign for Ron Paul? No

Posted by 

Lew Rockwell

on June 16, 2008 03:47 PM

Here is what Ron says: “I don’t think that’s very productive. Supporters can do it, of course, but in most of the states it won’t count. And if they can change the rules in a primary and not count all the votes, imagine what they could do with write-in votes!”

1 thought on “A Write-In Campaign for Ron Paul? No”

Salvatore FanaraSeptember 10, 2012 at 8:46 am

Since that was a statement released in 2008 and despite the fact that it could apply even more strictly in the complete lack of voting power due to the farce we live in today, I would not post the statement using the present time. It was very appropriate to add the date the statement, though a short elaboration of your own take on how that would apply today would have helped to better ease the statement into the current context.

Sure Ron Paul might be of the very same or similar opinion, but making assumptions on a statement that is 4 years old and was related to the notorious fraudulent elections scandals during the Bush era, would not give Dr. Paul the ability to confirm, change, or otherwise comment on what he stated back in 2008. Although he’s a man of consistent views, all assumptions are always dangerous and impolite.

That said, personally I am not of the opinion that Dr. Paul would ever be calling for a write-in (for several reasons) directly, but the prior statement he made on Jay Leno’s show would allow anyone to deduce whatever they feel most comfortable with since Dr. Paul stated that everyone should vote their conscience. Obviously as always the above it’s just my 2¢ opinion.

A Write-In Campaign for Ron Paul? No

A Write-In Campaign for Ron Paul? No.

June 16, 2008

A Write-In Campaign for Ron Paul? No

Here is what Ron says: “I don’t think that’s very productive. Supporters can do it, of course, but in most of the states it won’t count. And if they can change the rules in a primary and not count all the votes, imagine what they could do with write-in votes!”

Info on Monday Night’s Coast to Coast with George Noory, From the Daily Paul

Call George Noory Coast To Coast To Get Dr Ron Paul On The Libertarian Ticket With Gary Johnson Monday

Submitted by PollMan on Sun, 09/09/2012 – 06:05

Monday Night 9/10/12 George Noory (Ron Paul supporter) on Coast To Coast Is Going To Do A Show On How The Delegates Were Screwed At The RNC In Tampa!!!

This show reaches millions and we can create an army very fast to help get Ron Paul on the Libertarian Ticket.

Evan Cutler’s site for this campaign.

Sign The Petition!

Gary Johnson has to work this out with Dr. Paul and Judge Gray. Make sure to call/email Gary Johnson. He has to feel the heat on this more than Paul does IMO. Ron will never ask Gary to do this. It has to come from Gary.
Gary cannot win without Dr.Paul. We can win and restore America with this ticket.

(801) 303-7922

Call Coast To Coast AM To Help Get Dr. Ron Paul Back Into The Race So We Can Win With A Ron Paul Gary Johnson 2012 Ticket!

Western US: 1-800-618-8255 (toll free)
Eastern US: 1-800-825-5033 (toll free)
First time caller: 1-818-501-4721
Wild Card line: 1-818-501-4109 (anyone can call)
1am – 5am ET
10pm – 2am PT

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Monday Night Conference Call

Just a reminder that Evan Cutler will be holding another teleconference this tomorrow, Monday.

5 PM Alaska Time

6 PM  Pacific Time

7 PM Mountain Time

8 PM Central Time

9 PM Eastern Time

The number is (559) 726-1299 and the access code is 811476.

I do not think there have been any major updates. So far as I know, the LP, including some of its leadership are receptive to the idea of Ron Paul as VP. And apparently that includes Jim Gray, the current VP nominee. And there is still time to petition Doctor Paul to consider contacting the LP. Although, since the first ballots will be printed on September 22nd, it is not all that much time. I did hear from one person that some ballot deadlines are already passed. I have been unable to confirm this.

And as always, be sure to check out weneedpaul.com and its facebook group for updates.